Your Christmas hideaway?!


Christmas means many different things to different people.

For some it brings all the traditional feelings of peace, joy, love and goodwill to all mankind.  For others it is a busy and stressful time, and yet others can find it difficult and perhaps lonely.  But one thing that many people would agree on is that it can highlight a shortage of storage space in your home.


Storage space is a bit like money.  You think everything would be perfect if you just had that little bit more.  But when you do get that little bit more you realise that it still isn’t quite enough!


Christmas brings this to the fore in many ways.  Once the Christmas shopping has started you soon begin to run out of space to store the presents.  This is particularly difficult if you are trying to hide at least some of the presents from prying eyes!  Then once the guests start arriving you want everything to look nice – particularly with all the Christmas decorations up – so need places to temporarily house all your clutter.


One clever way to maximise your bedroom storage space is to fit sliding wardrobe doors.   There are so many fabulous designs available that they can totally transform your room!  They are an ideal way to shut everything away whilst also making your bedroom look wonderfully stylish.

The other space saving advantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that unlike opening doors, you don’t then need to leave much space in front of your wardrobes to allow the doors to open.  This can make a big difference to what else can fit into your bedroom – allowing more potential for other storage solutions as well.


At DIY Homefit we offer a wide range of sliding wardrobe doors.   There are 10 different frame designs and colours and you can choose between glass, mirrored or board finishes.   There are then over 40 different glass panels in plain, metallic and finishes; flat and bevelled mirrors in silver, bronze and smoked; and over 30 colours and finishes of MFC Board (which incidentally matches our Bella bedroom furniture range).   We also additionally offer a fantastic range of special finishes – including glitters and 3D Foils – and can also make doors using any Egger or Kronospan Boards or Lacobel Glass.


We also have an online sliding door designer that  enables you to create your own made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors and choose the exact combination of door styles, panel divisions and materials.  This provides enormous flexibility and also gives you the opportunity to create your own variations with special finishes and other features such as vertical dividers.  The possibilities are endless –  the only limitation is your imagination!


So if you decide you do want to transform the look and feel of your bedroom – and maximise your bedroom storage – with sliding wardrobe doors then look no further than DIY Homefit!    Whatever your ideal sliding wardrobe doors, if you can’t  see a way to create that combination on our sliding door designer then Just call us: we love a challenge!


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