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Care and Maintenance of your new purchases


Vinyl door surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm soapy water. NEVER use an aggressive kitchen cleaner, for example CIF.


If you need to store your products, in particular whilst waiting for the completion of building works or plaster drying out, then it is very important to store doors laid flat and at room temperature. NEVER store your products in extremely cold or damp environments, particularly not a cold damp garage in the winter.


Do not allow extremes of heat to be directed towards the products. For example adjacent to a leaking oven door or above a toaster or boiling kettle.
Products damaged as a result of not following the above are not covered by the guarantee.

High Gloss Products - additional information

Remove the clear/blue film from the surface after all installation work and decorations are completed. Avoid cleaning or wiping for 7 days as the vinyl or acrylic surface will need to cure once exposed to air.