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Measuring up for your new replacement doors

ALWAYS measure existing doors and drawer fronts from the back.

The position of hinge holes (H/H) should be measured from the top and bottom edges of the door to the centre of the large (35mm dia) hole.
The side of the hinge holes is defined from the front of the door: L/H hinge holes typically has the handle positioned on the right and opens to the left; R/H hinge holes typically has the handle positioned on the left and opens to the right.

For the first door write down, on a post-it the height x width, hinge hole positions (H/H Top H/H Bottom) plus handing for the holes (L/H or R/H) and stick it to the face of the door. Follow this procedure for all doors and drawer fronts.
Once finished, repeat the complete exercise. Remember the old adage - Measure twice, cut once.

Fitting your new doors

Remove all the old doors and hinges.

Lay your new doors face down and fit the hinges making sure the arm is exactly at right angles with the edge of the door.

Offer the new doors up and attach the top hinge first, then the bottom one.

Adjust the screws on the hinges to ensure all adjacent doors are in line.

Fitting your new drawer fronts

There are many different types of drawer boxes so we cannot advise on exactly how to fit your new drawer fronts. However, a short cut which works with many different drawer box types could be to fix a double sided foam pad to the fitting at the front of the drawer box and press the new drawer front on in the correct position. Then remove both the drawer front and drawer box and mark through the position of the screw holes.

Fitting your new handles

Using an adjustable square, set the distance from the top or side of a drawer/door to the handle holes and mark the position, then drill from the front.

Alternatively use a handle fitting jig (readily available on the internet or from your local hardware store)