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Made in the UK

Our market leading manufacturer was established in 1990 and operates from 3 state-of-the-art factories here in the UK.  These being one in Cookstown in Co.Tyrone and two in Yorkshire at Doncaster and Rotherham.

All factories are purpose built and utilise the very latest in manufacturing machinery and technology which allows the consistent manufacture of high quality products.

A total of 16 CNC routers including the largest automated board store and router complex in Europe create the designs or colour matched board and advanced internal software uses an optimising system to plan production efficiently (ensuring minimum waste material) based and colour batches.

The production process for our acrylic doors uses the latest CNC edge banding lines, specifically designed to edge high gloss and acrylic material. The PUR (Poly Eurethane Reactive) gluing system applies a high heat and water resistant glue. High precision trimming, polishing and buffing machinery consistently produce a perfect edge with a near invisible glue line.

Six pressing lines, including four of which are fully automated robotic gluing, pressing and trimming lines are the most advanced of their kind in the world. These are used to produce all our one piece vinyl wrapped doors. Advanced in-line cleaning machinery at pre-gluing and post pressing stages maintain a consistent high level of product at all stages of processing prior to final inspection, drilling and packing.

5-piece doors are created and produced on in-house purpose designed moulding and wrapping lines based on many years’ experience, again using the latest equipment and materials in production and assembly. This has resulted in the highest quality 5-piece doors available in the market today.

All products go through a final inspection, which is a crucial part of the production process to ensure that all products leave the factories in first class condition.

A selection of all products have been tested by FIRA and have achieved the FIRA gold award. This is the ultimate mark of product excellence within the furniture industry and provides a solid reassurance that a product meets all necessary standards.

Made-to-measure sturdy cardboard boxes are produced on specialised box making machinery along with side and corner protection ensuring that customers receive their goods in the same condition that they left the factory.