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Oven Housing Build-under unit

  • This unit is supplied with a 'Meta Box' shallow drawer as standard or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Soft-close Blumotion one.
  • These will suit a 115mmx596mm drawer front.
  • We can also supply these units edged with a 2mm vinyl strip which gives a high quality finish to the MFC. See selection box, below.
  • These items can be made in a variety of colours. We have identified the closest matches for most of the door colours to help you in your selection.
  • For a detailed carcass specification please see our Carcass Information.

For custom sizes please select the next size up in the Dimensions box and enter the required Sizes in the appropriate boxes.

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Carcass Finish

Dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

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Custom Size - depth in mm

Drawer Option

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Vinyl edge

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