DIY Homefit
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Measuring Up Procedure

Equipment You Will Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pen and paper
  • Pack of small post-it labels


Always measure from the back to avoid any edge profiling and bear in mind carcass standard sizes (see Measuring Up Guide).

Number each Post-it as you use it. 

Mark the first Post-it with Number 1 and measure your first door or drawer front, if it requires hinge holes measure their position relative to the top and bottom of the door. Write the door size on the Post-it, whether the hinge holes are left or right hand and the distances from the top and the bottom. Stick the Post-it to the item you have just measured.

Mark the second Post-it with Number 2 and do the same for the second door or drawer front.

Continue untill all doors, drawers and side/end panels have been measured. It is likely that the hinge hole positions will only need measuring for the first door but be careful to check every one.

At this stage it is strongly recommended to draw a plan of the kitchen or bedroom showing all the doors, drawers and end panels and indicate the relevant Post-it numbers. A plan is very useful as when you remove the Post-its it will be difficult to remember later where they came from if you want to re-check your requirements.

Remove all the Post-it labels and sort them into piles of the same size and hinge-sides.

Compile a list of all the sizes and quantities you require.

Measure up the lengths of plinths, cornices and pelmets and add them to the list. Review all other matching items that are required (such as end shelf units, pilasters, etc.) and add them to the list.

Count the handles, knobs and hinges you require and note these too.

Finally, measure any carcasses you need to replace and note the sizes of any worktops needed.

You should now have all the information you require to commence shopping.