Is your spare bedroom ready for Christmas?

Refresh your spare room with new wardrobe doors this winter

If you are having guests to stay over the festive season, it’s a good idea to pay some attention to your spare bedroom well before they arrive. Try to look at it from a visitor’s perspective, and consider how you would feel if you were staying there. Perhaps even spend a night in the spare bedroom yourself, to see how comfortable or otherwise it actually is.

How do replacement kitchen worktops actually work?

Finish off your kitchen cabinets with new worktops from DIY Homefit

If your kitchen is beginning to look a little tired, you may be dreading the thought of getting it replaced. Let’s face it, who wants all the cost and hassle of a new kitchen?

Fortunately sometimes a simpler option can be the ideal solution. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition inside, just replacing the doors can make them look and feel as good as new again.

How to bring a little magic into your bedroom

Add sparkle to your wardrobe doors this winter

As the dark nights draw in, everything can begin to feel a little dull and dreary. For example, when you think about your bedroom, is it a place you look forward to retiring to at night? Or does it all feel a bit gloomy and miserable?

The top family favourite sandwiches in 2023

Make the best use of your kitchen cabinets with tips from DIY Homefit

Did you know that the prawn mayonnaise sandwich has been the favourite sandwich in the UK for the last ten years? According to recent research by Waitrose, six million prawn mayonnaise sandwiches are sold every year.

How to create a winter capsule wardrobe

What to put behind your wardrobe doors for winter

Autumn seems to have suddenly arrived, and winter lies ahead. Which means that many of us are going through a bit of a clothes crisis. What on earth are we supposed to wear? If you open your wardrobe doors and all you can see is a colourful collection of summer clothes, how do you put together an outfit from those which is suitable for the changing of the season?

Seven quick ways to freshen up your kitchen

Update your kitchen with ‘new look’ kitchen cabinets – replacement kitchen doors

As the lazy hazy days of summer begin to draw to a close, families everywhere are getting ready for the big Back to As autumn approaches, it’s a great time to make a few improvements to your home. Many of us feel the urge to reflect the changing of the season in our homes, but can be put off by the thought of the stress and expense of major home improvements.

How to organise your family for the new school term

The best wardrobe doors for your child’s bedroom

As the lazy hazy days of summer begin to draw to a close, families everywhere are getting ready for the big Back to School. And, no matter how much you wanted everything to be organised in advance this year, there are bound to be things you have left till the last minute. Sadly, good intentions are always much easier to make than to keep.

How to make the most of a small kitchen

Maximise your kitchen cabinet space with tips from DIY Homefit

We’ve all heard the phrase that small is beautiful. But if you have a small kitchen, is that really true? All the glamorous magazine-style kitchens seem to be enormous, with different zones for everything, and happy looking people. So if your kitchen feels like a shoebox in comparison, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re just stuck with a kitchen that will never look good.

Declutter your kitchen this summer

Declutter your kitchen cabinets with top tips from DIY Homefit

In our recent article How to deep clean your kitchen we mentioned the importance of clearing out clutter from your kitchen if you want to get everything really clean and sparkling. When you think about it, hoarding clutter not only fills up your kitchen space but also gives you more stuff to clean! So why do we do it?!