What are the pros and cons of DIY kitchens?

Transform your home this summer with DIY kitchens

So the time has come to update your kitchen? It’s exciting but very daunting. A brand new kitchen is a wonder to behold. Gone is your tired looking old kitchen, with all the niggling things that either didn’t work properly or that you never liked. And in its place is the kitchen you really want and that is exactly right for your home and lifestyle.

Is WFH here to stay?

Create the perfect home office with office furniture online

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there was a dramatic rise in the numbers of people working from home – WFH – in the UK. Numbers rose from 5.7% of workers in January/February 2020 to 43.1% in April 2020.

How to create a minimalist kitchen this summer

Declutter your kitchen cabinets this summer with tips from DIY Homefit

If you look around your kitchen and feel despondent because all you see is a cluttered mess, perhaps it’s time to do something about it? And we’re not talking a quick tidy up here, but a change of approach. Why not transform your kitchen into a minimalist kitchen?

Does your bedroom have to have a wardrobe?

Transform your bedroom with replacement wardrobe doors

A wardrobe is an item of furniture that most of us expect to see in a bedroom. But does that have to be the case? Is it possible to have a fully functioning bedroom without a wardrobe and, if so, what are some alternatives to a wardrobe?

Get your kitchen ready for al fresco dining this summer

Organise your kitchen cabinets this summer with help from DIY Homefit

It’s been a long wet winter and spring, and we’re all hoping for some lovely sunny days this summer. And if you have a garden, one of the best things about those lazy hazy days of summer is the opportunity to eat outside, al fresco.

Declutter your wardrobe ready for summer

Sort out what’s behind your wardrobe doors with tips from DIY Homefit

Spring is here, and it’s the time of year when many of us resolve to make more use of our garden. And one aspect of

Summer is approaching and hopefully we will eventually see some sunshine! Which means that it’s time to get out the summer clothes from wherever they have been stored over winter.

But rather than stuff all your winter clothes into a suitcase, bag or cupboard, why not take the time to do a complete wardrobe declutter? Wouldn’t it be great to sort out your summer clothes properly and only keep what you really want and need? And, as you put your winter clothes away, why bother taking up storage space for any items that are not earning their keep?

Is it time you started your own kitchen garden?

Fill your kitchen cabinets with home grown veg this spring

Spring is here, and it’s the time of year when many of us resolve to make more use of our garden. And one aspect of gardening that is increasingly popular is to grow your own vegetables. Fresh home grown vegetables taste so much better than shop bought ones, and can also save you quite a bit of money once your veg growing process is established. And of course you also have the reassurance of knowing they are completely organic and have not been subject to any chemicals.

Replacing your wardrobe doors? Here’s how you can upcycle your old ones!

Creative ideas for upcycling old wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

If you are considering replacing your wardrobe doors this year, you may also be wondering what to do with your old doors. It seems a shame just to throw them out if they could be used for other purposes.

So in this article we look at five ideas for upcycling your old wardrobe doors, and adding some style and functionality to your home.

How to organise an Easter Egg hunt with a difference

Make the most of your kitchen cabinets this Easter

Easter is rapidly approaching. Easter Sunday this year is Sunday 31st March and will be here before we know it. If you are entertaining family or friends over Easter, how about this year organising an Easter Egg hunt with a difference?

How to add a splash of colour to your bedroom

Brighten up your bedroom this spring with new wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Spring is in the air, and at this time of year many of us get the urge to start making some improvements to our home. As we look around, everything can start to look rather tired and dated, and ready for a change. But where to start?