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Kitchen Refurbishment

DIY Homefit Ltd. has a range of products that can help you with your kitchen refurbishments provided you have a few practical diy-skills (if you don’t want to do it yourself check out our Find a Fitter page where we can identify a fitter or carpenter that may be able to help you with your kitchen refurbishment project).

refurbished kitchenFrom matching a single door through to a total kitchen rebuild, we have the products which will give you a high quality result at a very reasonable cost – just see our testimonials for confirmation!

No matter who supplied your original kitchen, we can produce doors and drawer fronts to fit the carcasses you already have. And, in addition, if you need to replace a cupboard (eg. a water-damaged under-sink unit) or extend with an island or a couple of wall units we can supply kitchen units to match the finish and precise size of your original ones. Just call us to find out.

All of our door vinyls are also available in pre-glued edging tape so you can change the colour of the carcass edges or in lengths of stick-on vinyl roll so you can change the finish of whole slabs of visible carcass without having to rip them out. Less land-fill waste and kinder on the pocket too!

Replacing worktops can be a significantly more difficult job and most people would be wise to leave this to an experienced fitter. However, a fresh new worktop can give a major visual impact to any kitchen refurbishment project and you should strongly consider it as a final step. We can supply a large range of the highest quality formica laminated worktops at very competitive prices and can help you find the right fitter to do a professional job.