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Cut-off Corner (Left) Bedroom Wardrobe Door

  • Sloping doors for fitting in loft rooms etc. are available in Ashford, Cambridge, Euroline, Lincoln, Palermo, Pisa, Richmond, Roma, Shaker, Surrey, Tuscany, Venice, Warwick and York styles.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct product as we can provide fully sloping left, fully sloping right, corner cut-off left and corner cut-off right formats.
  • If you need us to drill the hinge holes for you please enter your instructions in the hinge boxes.
  • Sloping doors usually hinge on the long side so they can open unobstructed by the ceiling. If you want to hinge them on the other side please call us to discuss.

All Bella vinyl wrapped door products are supplied with a 6 year manufacturer's warranty

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Size in mm (height x width)
Custom Size - height - right in mm
Custom Size - height - left in mm
Custom Size - width in mm
Door Style/Edge Profile
Flat-top width in mm
Hinge Holes required
Hinge Hole from top in mm

[Always measure to centre of hinge hole]

Hinge Hole from bottom in mm
3rd Hinge hole required
3rd Hinge hole from top in mm
4th Hinge hole required
4th Hinge hole from bottom in mm

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