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Clip-on soft-close hinge 110 degree Clip-on Hinge with integrated Blumotion soft-close

  • The 110 degree clip-on soft-close hinge is supplied with its mounting plate. Please note that our carcasses are supplied with hinges.
  • The mounting plate is in 2 sizes, to fit either 18/19mm carcasses or 15/16mm carcasses, please select the size you require in the dropdown box.
  • Mounting plates can be supplied with "Euro" Screws to fit pre-drilled carcasses or with screw holes to allow free positioning.
  • Each order will receive a free jig for accurate positioning.
Clip-on Mounting Plate Clip-on Mounting Plate

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Mounting plate
Euro Screws
Screw Holes

Price:  £5.16