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Hinged Corner Post for 720mm folding doors

  • The hinged corner post is 715mm long and comes complete with all fittings.
  • Hinged Corner Post Fitting DiagramWhen used with our cupboards the door sizes will be as follows:
    • Wall Unit 600 x 600 - 2 x 263mm wide
    • Wall Unit 620 x 620 - 2 x 283mm wide
    • Base Unit 880 x 880 - 2 x 286mm wide
    • Base Unit 900 x 900 - 2 x 306mm wide
  • To size doors for your existing cupboard measure the distance from the outside edge of the carcass to the inside edge of the corner and subtract 34mm (32mm for the hinge (see diagram) and 2mm for the outside edge of the door )
  • The fixing edges of the doors must be square edged. Please add a comment in the cart to the two doors stating which is L/H square and which is R/H square.

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