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Gloss Door Care Kit VuPlex polish with micro anti-scratch polishing cloth

The Door Care Kit includes a tin of 235ml VuPlex polish, a micro anti-scratch polishing cloth and full instructions.

    The Door Care Kit is suitable for use with all Bella & Zurfiz door finishes and is especially effective on high gloss finishes.
  • VuPlex special formula cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage the surface.
  • Anti-static properties of the cloth limit the amount of dust particles attracted to the surface that can lead to scratching.
  • Accelerates the hardening process on high gloss finishes after film removal which increases protection instantly.
  • Leaves a coating of polymer that acts as an invisible barrier stopping small scratches & sun light fade.
  • Polishes the surface leaving a high lustre streak-free finish.

Price:  £28.82 - £30.82 


 £28.82 - £30.82