Month: May 2014

Storage Solutions

There are those among us who naturally like a tidy kitchen and there are those who need a little bit of help when it comes to organisation. Here at DIY homefit, our service allows you to bring your ideas into fruition.  Not only can you choose from a large selection of bespoke kitchen units, cupboards, drawers and cabinets but we also can provide some brilliant storage solutions to help keep you, and your kitchen, organised.

Let’s Review!

So you’ve made the decision you want, no, need a new bedroom or kitchen… but where to go? What supplier to use? One thing’s guaranteed (as well as our furniture), as soon as you announce your decision suddenly all your friends or family “know a guy”, or “got a great deal” at some “amazing” stockist. And maybe they do, and maybe it was a great deal, but when choosing who’s going to supply your new luxurious bedroom, or modern sleek kitchen we have 3 simple words of advice: REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS.