Month: February 2018

Top 10 Tips that won’t break the bank!

Christmas and New Year are now but distant memories and spring is definitely in the air but not quite here just yet.

This “in between” time of year can be rather flat and many of us begin to feel restless. We want to make changes in our lives but are not quite sure where to start. Everything seems to be on hold.

One positive thing we can do at this time of year is to take a good look at our homes and decide on the improvements that we want to make this year. We can start to plan what to do when. Even just having these plans can make us feel better; make us feel that we are doing something, even though we haven’t actually started.

A box filled with love!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

If you plan to do something special for your loved one this February 14th then why not make something with a difference?

We’ve noticed an increasing trend these days for gift boxes. Christmas saw a huge increase in popularity of the Christmas Eve box, with Hobbycraft – the UK’s largest craft retailer – reporting a 129% increase from the year before in items purchased to create these boxes.