Month: February 2017

Not Just Wardrobes || Modern bedroom furniture

On trend matching modern bedroom furniture from DIY Homefit

As spring is approaching many of us feel the need to improve our homes.  It may be the ingrained tradition of spring cleaning or perhaps a renewed sense of energy as the days get lighter and longer.   Whatever the reason it does seem that we get the urge to “do something” to feather our nests!

Flat Slab – The Modern Kitchen Lover’s Dream!

Flat slab-front doors: simply the best choice for bespoke kitchens

If you’ve not yet come across flat slab-front doors then you don’t know what you are missing!!   A slab-front door is one that is completely flat ie neither raised nor recessed.  Whilst its clean lines could complement either a traditional or modern kitchen design, it is particularly associated with high end European bespoke kitchens.