Month: November 2014

Designer Furniture at Affordable Prices!

At DIY Homefit we were fascinated to read in the press recently about a London penthouse being sold for apparently the highest price on record for a single property, even beating the sale of an apartment in One Hyde Park earlier in the year for £140 million.  The apartment, in Clarges Street, is part of a new development that will eventually have access to a wellness spa, swimming pool and cinema!

Bedroom Wardrobes – Fitted or Freestanding?

At DIY Homefit we are often asked a version of the same question. What are the advantages of fitted bedroom wardrobes over freestanding ones? The question was raised again this week by a customer who is moving into a new home with no existing bedroom storage. She had been thinking about buying freestanding wardrobes but also wanted to chat through with us the viability of DIY furniture.

Would Your Kitchen Pass the Home Swap Test?

At DIY Homefit we’re enjoying the new Home Away From Home programme on the BBC. Well worth a look! Presented by the ever-engaging Gloria Hunniford, the programme features two homes whose owners trade places for a few days. As well as staying in each others’ homes, the visitors also have different local activities planned for them during the week so that they can really experience local life. Additionally, the owners leave ingredients and instructions for the visitors to cook and enjoy one of their favourite meals.

Through the Wardrobe Doors

As children, we loved the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!  As Christmas gradually draws nearer, the memories of the snowy world of Narnia, filled with unusual and engaging creatures, never cease to delight. At DIY Homefit we also love wardrobe doors, and are fascinated by the concept of stepping through them into another world!