Month: May 2016

Where do all the cookery books go?!

A few days ago there was a near riot when the BBC announced that a number of its websites are to close.  One of these is BBC Food.  This prompted an online petition – with over 100,000 signatures to date – to “Save the BBC’s recipe archive!”  

The Magic of Mirrors

At this time of year, as the sun finally makes its appearance, we all begin to realise the therapeutic properties of light.  Everything seems just that little bit better when the sun is shining, and there is a more positive atmosphere in the air.  Many of us feel that it would be wonderful to have a lighter brighter home all year round.  

The DIY Challenge!

As Cambridge University’s Peterhouse College win the latest series of University Challenge, is it time for a little challenge in your life?  If you’re anything like us at DIY Homefit, you may struggle to answer some of the University Challenge questions but don’t let that put you off pushing yourself in a different direction.  

Eating the Elephant one bite at a time

If like some of us at DIY Homefit you are old enough to remember the 1980’s craze for time management training you will be very familiar with the above phrase!  It is also still widely used today.  If not, let us explain – and don’t worry: no elephants (or any other animals for that matter!) have been harmed in the creation of this article!