Month: April 2016

DIY’s Got Talent?!

Here we go again!  Another round of Britain’s Got Talent hits our screens and it seems the nation divides into two camps – love it or hate it – with perhaps an additional small minority who haven’t a clue about the very existence of “BGT”!  

The mysterious case of the handleless kitchen doors

Calling all you amateur sleuths out there! You may have noticed over the past four or five years a strange phenomenon taking place in a kitchen near you?  Handles are gradually disappearing!  More and more kitchens seem to be missing them.  We have heard reports of many kitchen cupboards and built in appliances now having a totally smooth finish.  So why are more and more people choosing handleless kitchen doors?

The Icing on the Cake!

One of the advantages of sourcing your kitchen from an independent supplier such as DIY Homefit is that you can purchase as much or as little as you need.  You are not tied in to the recommendations of your kitchen fitter and can mix and match as much as you like.  It’s perfectly possible to do a kitchen refurbishment in stages if you don’t want the disruption and financial commitment of getting everything done at once.