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How to bring a little magic into your bedroom

Add sparkle to your wardrobe doors this winter

As the dark nights draw in, everything can begin to feel a little dull and dreary. For example, when you think about your bedroom, is it a place you look forward to retiring to at night? Or does it all feel a bit gloomy and miserable?

Declutter your kitchen this summer

Declutter your kitchen cabinets with top tips from DIY Homefit

In our recent article How to deep clean your kitchen we mentioned the importance of clearing out clutter from your kitchen if you want to get everything really clean and sparkling. When you think about it, hoarding clutter not only fills up your kitchen space but also gives you more stuff to clean! So why do we do it?!

How to create the best study space for your teenager

How to use wardrobe doors in a home office

As spring turns into summer, it really is time to get your home looking spick and span. It feels as if we have just If you are a parent of teenagers taking GCSEs or A-levels this year, summer is a time when you are all eagerly – and no doubt anxiously – awaiting results. And we hope that they are good for your son or daughter.

On-trend kitchen colours in 2023

How to make the best use of your kitchen cabinets

As summer approaches, you may decide that now is the time to change your kitchen. And, whether you are planning for a complete refurbishment or a cosmetic upgrade, one of the most important choices to make is the colour scheme.

Bring the outside in to your bedroom this summer

How to accessorise your bedroom and wardrobe doors for summer

As summer approaches it can make us realise that our home needs a bit of a refresh to fit with the season. Compared with the lighter brighter days outside, things can look rather tired and gloomy inside. But what can we do to change that?

Five ways to reorganise your kitchen this spring

How to make the best use of your kitchen cabinets this springtime

Spring is here, and at this time of year many of us still feel the urge to get on with some spring cleaning. This can particularly be the case in the kitchen.

Transform your bedroom with mirrors

Make a difference with mirrored wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Spring is a time of change. And if you want to do something quick and easy to change your bedroom this spring, the answer may be simple. Mirrors!

Freshen up your kitchen in 2023

On-trend kitchen cabinets exclusively from DIY Homefit

Even though New Year has come and gone, you may still be hoping to move forward with some of the grand plans you had for this year. And why not? Change can and should happen at any time of the year : whenever it works best for you.

Kitchen cabinet trends for 2023

How to choose the best replacement kitchen cabinets for your kitchen

If you’re planning to refresh your bedroom in 2023, a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration is to look New Year is the time when many of us begin to plan how we will improve our homes in the coming year. And the good news is that many improvements can be relatively quick and easy to do, and don’t have to break the bank