Month: October 2014

Trick or Treat

At DIY Homefit we love Halloween! The clocks have just gone back so the nights are noticeably darker. We stock up with sweets and await the patter of tiny feet. Sure enough, as early as is respectable for menacing behaviour, up the driveway come the “trick or treaters”. The little huddles in fancy dress, excited at the prospect of sugary treats to hype them up still further!

Hired or Fired?

It’s that time of year again when The Apprentice makes a welcome return to our screens. At DIY Homefit we reckon that the idealistic ambition – and perhaps misplaced confidence! – of some of the contestants is the positively perfect antidote to cold dark evenings.

The Great British Bake Off

In recent years, baking has become all the rage in this country! First there was the gradual increase in popularity of “cupcakes” – which we think used to be called Fairy Cakes in our youth! At DIY Homefit we first noticed the cup cakes phenomenon back in 2008, when the Press reported on Heidi Klum’s birthday gift to Victoria Beckham of a year’s supply of cup cakes.

A Moving Story

Oh the stress of moving house!  At DIY Homefit we know that only too well! First of all you spend ages looking round for a potential new home.  Then once you find the perfect combination, you then can’t progress further with it until you have sold your property.  In the meantime someone else may beat you to it and you’re back to square one!

Empty Nest?

At this time of year you may well have a son or daughter going off to Uni for the first time? At DIY Homefit we understand what a major event this is.  Not just the fact that they are going , but all the preparations leading up to their departure. There are so many things to be bought, organised and sorted – and then getting them into the car is a whole new story in itself!

A Kitchen To Shake For!

At DIY Homefit we have recently been spending some time surfing the internet to find out more about the latest trends in kitchens. One of the most popular things at the moment is for kitchens to incorporate a dining or living area into the kitchen space. As part of this, kitchen cabinets are tending to look more like fine bespoke furniture rather than just kitchen cabinets, and kitchen counters and islands are often functioning as dining tables as well as preparation areas.