Month: December 2016

Transform your home with DIY Homefit!

It’s not just about bedrooms and kitchens y’know….

As most readers are already aware, at DIY Homefit we offer an impressive range of kitchen cupboard replacement doors and wardrobe solutions. All these stylish products are of the highest quality and will make an immediate positive difference your home. But have you ever thought of using our products in other rooms around your home in addition to your kitchen and bathroom? Here are our Top Five suggestions – along with photos from happy DIY Homefit customers – for other ways in which DIY Homefit products can transform your home this autumn:

DIY Homefit tips on how to shabby chic your home!

You may associate our title with an old Dire Straits song but it’s also now a popular BBC TV show! The idea is that an entrepreneur Sarah Moore scours refuse tips to save items from being dumped and then oversees their transformation into new items, making money for their owners in the process.