Month: January 2018

How to keep your kitchen looking brand new!


So you’ve just had a brand new kitchen and you’re delighted with it!

  You spend ages in there just admiring how it looks and how fresh and clean it all is.  But how on earth are you going to keep it looking like that?  Here are our Top Ten Tips for keeping your kitchen looking brand new.



  • Clean constantly


That may sound obsessive, but the only way you are going to keep your kitchen in tip top condition is to clean it every time you use it.  This does not have to take hours, but just get into the habit of cleaning as you go.   When you think about it, there is a lot of “dead time” when you are doing things in the kitchen.  Whether it’s waiting for the kettle to boil, the microwave to ping, or the washing machine door to unlock – there are odd minutes here and there that can be put to good use.  Why not use that time to give the sink a quick clean or run a cloth over any other area in need!



  • Declutter


Regular readers will know that at DIY Homefit we love the concept of decluttering – and have the storage solutions to help!  But nothing can spoil the shiny newness of a kitchen as much as piles of “stuff” – be it post, children’s homework and school letters, items of laundry or anything else.  So why not make it a new rule to ban clutter from the kitchen?  Put it away now where it needs to go rather than letting it pile up.



  • Wipe your worktops


Laminate worktops are easy to keep clean.  They have good stain resistance and generally a soft cloth and warm soapy water is all that you need to use.   Do make sure you dry thoroughly around the sink and over any joints to avoid water penetrating the seals.   Wipe up any spills immediately, especially those from highly coloured food and drink such as curry, beetroot, blackcurrant juice or red wine.  Residual stains can usually be removed by cleaning with a mild bleach solution but never resort to aggressive cleaners or abrasive scouring pads as these will damage the surface.



  • Avoid heat damage


Nothing looks worse on a brand new worktop than the tell tale heat ring!   So make sure you protect your new worktops by using either heat resistant trivets or surface protectors and never putting anything from the oven or hob directly onto the surface of the worktop.   Boiling water and cooking splashes will not harm your worktops, but should be wiped off as soon as possible.   Similarly,  never use an appliance that generates high levels of heat or concentrated steam directly under or adjacent to a door or panel as this can also cause damage.



  • Dust your doors


Door surfaces can often get neglected in the kitchen cleaning process but will look dull if they are not kept in good condition.   To clean vinyl or acrylic doors just use a soft damp cloth and dry off with a soft dry cloth.  Do not use harsh cleaning products or abrasive items such as scouring pads.   


For high gloss doors we recommend that you use mild non-abrasive, dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water. The mix should be 1 part detergent to 99 parts warm water. You should never use any vinegar-based detergents, solvents, abrasive detergents, white spirit or furniture polish.    Finish them off perfectly by using with VuPlex polish with a micro anti-scratch cloth:  we supply these products in our DIY Homefit Door Care Kit.



  • Clean appliances as you go


Do you dare look in your oven?!  Or your microwave come to that.  It is so easy to let oil and grime build up in kitchen appliances and only start doing something about them when they look truly disgusting.  The only answer is to clean as you go.  Different appliances have different requirements so check the manual and the manufacturer’s instructions.  But if you get into the habit from now on of clearing spills and crumbs immediately, then wiping the appliance inside and out (where applicable) it will become much easier.



  • Audit your fridge


The fridge is another area that can soon look pretty dreadful!  Make sure that you wipe up any spills immediately otherwise they can set and be very difficult to remove.   Also clean the shelves and door containers regularly to keep your fridge nice and fresh.   Keep on top of what is in there so that you don’t end up hoarding – then throwing out – food that has long exceeded its use-by date.  If you have a free-standing fridge, remember to clean the outside doors and top of it regularly, otherwise it will become dusty and lose its shine.  Also clean behind the fridge – especially round the radiator as it becomes very dusty.



  • Fight the fat!


Fat can so easily build up in your kitchen and really cause it to look dull.   So use the extractor fan whenever you use the hob, especially when frying  (when you can also use a splashguard).    Wipe up any spills as they occur otherwise they can become baked on.



  • Look up!


The tops of kitchen units gather an awful lot of dust, but because its not visible on a daily basis we can overlook it.  Every now and then get up there with either a duster or handheld vacuum cleaner to remove it.   Not only is it a potential health hazard, but it can gradually disperse round the rest of your kitchen without you realising where it is coming from.


  • Fabulous floors


Try to get in the habit of doing a quick vacuum or sweep of the kitchen floor once a day.   This stops dust and grime building up on the floor or getting trodden through the rest of the house.  It can also protect surfaces from being damaged by grit.  Then once a week or so, give the floor a quick wash just to remove any more stubborn grime and keep your kitchen looking sparkling.


Enjoy your new kitchen and we hope that these tips help you to make it look new for longer.   If you do not have a new kitchen but would like one then why not browse through our range of kitchen pictures and replacement kitchen doors?  We have such a wide range that there is bound to be the perfect product for you.  Soon you could be enjoying that new kitchen and using the above tips to keeping it looking brand new!

High Tech bedrooms



In today’s world technology is everywhere!

We rely increasingly so much on technology to manage different areas of our lives that it’s often hard to remember how we used to do things before all this technology was created.  Not only that, but new developments are happening all the time.    In today’s article we look at five of the latest techie gadgets for the bedroom:



  • Amazon Echo



Amazon Echo is a voice-activated home audio speaker system.  It features an integrated personal voice assistant named Alexa.    Amazon Echo has  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so it can connect to both your home network and mobile devices.   This enables it to undertake many different functions including streaming music, listening to audiobooks, accessing cloud services as well as integrating with calendars, timers and alarms.  Perfect for helping you organise your early morning routine!   The latest version – Echo Show – also features a screen and camera enabling you to watch online videos and also to monitor smart visual devices such as security monitors and baby alarms.



  • SleepPhones



SleepPhones are flat earphones built into a comfortable fabric headband.  They are brilliant for helping you get to sleep no matter what is going on around you.  The earphones connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you that you can listen to music or anything else of your choice as you drop off to sleep.  The headband will also stretch to cover your eyes if you need complete darkness to sleep well.   SleepPhones come in either a wired or wireless version, and need to be charged by USB every few days.



  • Belkin Wemo Switch



The Belkin Wemo Switch is a smart switch that can connect via an app to your home WiFi.  You can then connect your various appliances to the switch and will be able to check the status of these appliances at any time.   So whether you want to check on your smoke alarm – or have a sudden panic that you have left your hair straighteners on – you can use the Belkin WeMo switch to control your appliances wherever you are.  It also integrates with Amazon Alexa so you can also connect up all the electricals in your bedroom and turn them on and off without getting out of bed!   



  • Philips Hue



Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system.   It offers an impressive range of different bulbs, fittings and mounting options, enabling you to create the exact lighting that is right for you.  You can program your lighting to wake you up – for example with a personal sunrise – welcome you home,  and enhance whatever you are doing at the time.    There are hundreds of apps that integrate with Philips Hue, and the platform also works with many others – including Amazon Alexa.  



  • Ikea bedside charging table



Many mobile phones are now able to charge wirelessly using the technical standard Qi.     If you have a Qi wireless charging phone, then why not get one of these fabulous bedside charging tables from Ikea?    All you need to do is put your phone down on your bedside table and it will charge.  Wireless charging can be slow but you can leave your phone there overnight and it will be charged up by morning.   The cabinets are also stylish in their own right so would look great in your bedroom.


All the above products are ground-breaking and revolutionary in their own way, yet all are widely available now and are tried and tested.   Not only that, but each of the above products has a useful purpose – rather than being a flashy gadget just for the sake of it.


Whichever gadget(s) you like the look of, it’s also worth considering whether it is time to upgrade your bedroom?   You may decide that you want a more contemporary feel than you currently have, as this would complement your new gadgets perfectly!   To get some ideas why not browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures.   Of particular interest may be our range of flat panel slab doors which give a smooth, seamless look to a bedroom – such as the images below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.15.57 Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.15.30 Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.15.42

If you are not in a position to do a complete bedroom refurbishment then bear in mind that at DIY Homefit we do both custom fitted wardrobes and also replacement wardrobe doors.   There is bound to be something in our range that fits with your requirements.  Do feel free to get in touch with us at DIY Homefit so that we can help you to get your bedroom looking as good as the gadgets in it!


New Year New Kitchen? NEW RANGE!


More and more of our customers are discovering

flat slab-front replacement kitchen doors

.   Flat slab-front doors provide a sharp and clean look which is ideal for those wanting an on-trend minimalistic look in their kitchen.


Flat slab-front doors are smooth solid doors with no frames or panels, and usually no handles.   There are many advantages to flat slab-front doors.   Particularly associated with high end European bespoke kitchens, they have a distinctive and stylish appearance.  The simplicity of the door design gives an illusion of space and additionally serves to emphasise the quality of the finish.   


At DIY Homefit we have always offered a wide range of colours and finishes for our flat slab-front replacement kitchen doors.   We have acrylic ultragloss, natural wood, metallic or supermatt, all with various colours to choose from.  


Now this has just got even better!    Our acrylic ultragloss doors are now available in three new colours:   


Baltic Blue

Oriental Black

Supermatt Graphite


Baltic Blue


This is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your kitchen but retaining a sense of sophistication and style.  It adds warmth and depth without being garish.  See what you think!


Oriental Black


Although this is called Oriental Black – and you can see how well it goes with the Oriental theme in our image below – it would also fit in with many other styles and accessories.  Definitely one to watch!

Supermatt Graphite


We just love the ultra-modern look of this kitchen!  It manages to combine functionality and style perfectly.  It also is very much in keeping with the growing trend for open plan living.


So if you are planning a kitchen refurbishment this year then why not go for flat slab-front replacement kitchen doors?    Browse the full range here then get in touch with us at DIY Homefit so that we can help you to make it happen!


New Year New Kitchen?


So Christmas is over for another year.  How was it for you?

In the words of John Lennon, we hope it was a good one!


However, just before it’s all forgotten, it’s a really good idea to stop and think about how well everything worked this year and whether you would do anything differently next time.   For example, some of us would immediately say that next year they are definitely not going to leave so much till the last minute: others may say that yet again they bought far too much food despite worrying that there would not be enough.  How wonderful it would be if we could learn from this and make things easier for ourselves next Christmas!


Another thing that many of us find over Christmas is that our kitchens are simply not designed in the best way to help us cater for lots of people.  If this applies to you then why not make 2018 the year that you redesign your kitchen so that it actually works for you – rather than creating more work for you!    Have a look round your kitchen now and just consider some of the following ideas for how it could work better:

  1. Do you have surfaces at different heights?   A lower surface can be more practical for food preparation such as slicing and stirring, whereas a higher one is useful both to put items that you are not currently using, and also for people to gather round to socialise.
  2. Are your floors comfortable to walk and stand on?   Stone floors and ceramic tiles can look stunning but can also be tough on feet and legs.  You may want to consider a more responsive material such as wood, rubber or cork – or alternatively lay mats or small rugs in well-used areas.
  3. Consider drawers as an alternative storage to some cabinets.  They are ideal for storing items such as pans, plates, and small appliances, and enable you to see and access the contents easily and without having to continually bend and twist.
  4. For cabinets with doors, think about the way they open.  Think of when you are likely to need them and the direction and angle you will usually be opening them from.  Most kitchen cabinets can accommodate a door that opens either way and can avoid unnecessary double manoeuvring.
  5. How versatile is your storage space?  You can make the most of your storage space by using storage within storage.  Additional shelving, tiered storage racks and carousels can all provide much more storage space than just a standard cupboard.

If you do decide to make any of the above changes to your kitchen this year then look no further than DIY Homefit!   First of all browse through our galleries of kitchen pictures to get some more ideas!   You can then decide which of our products will help you to create your perfect kitchen.   If you are happy with the existing structure and just want to give it a cosmetic facelift then our replacement kitchen doors could be the ideal solution.  But if you are going for a complete redesign then look at our versatile range of kitchen furniture to see how DIY Homefit can enable you to create a beautiful new kitchen at an affordable price.


If 2018 is your year for a new kitchen then DIY Homefit will help you to make it happen!