Month: January 2018

How to keep your kitchen looking brand new!

So you’ve just had a brand new kitchen and you’re delighted with it!

You spend ages in there just admiring how it looks and how fresh and clean it all is.  But how on earth are you going to keep it looking like that?  Here are our Top Ten Tips for keeping your kitchen looking brand new.

High Tech bedrooms

In today’s world technology is everywhere!

We rely increasingly so much on technology to manage different areas of our lives that it’s often hard to remember how we used to do things before all this technology was created.  Not only that, but new developments are happening all the time.    In today’s article we look at five of the latest techie gadgets for the bedroom:

NEW RANGE for your New Year new kitchen…

More and more of our customers are discovering

flat slab-front replacement kitchen doors

.   Flat slab-front doors provide a sharp and clean look which is ideal for those wanting an on-trend minimalistic look in their kitchen.

New Year New Kitchen?

So Christmas is over for another year.  How was it for you?

In the words of John Lennon, we hope it was a good one!

However, just before it’s all forgotten, it’s a really good idea to stop and think about how well everything worked this year and whether you would do anything differently next time.   For example, some of us would immediately say that next year they are definitely not going to leave so much till the last minute: others may say that yet again they bought far too much food despite worrying that there would not be enough.  How wonderful it would be if we could learn from this and make things easier for ourselves next Christmas!