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Is your spare bedroom ready for Christmas?

Refresh your spare room with new wardrobe doors this winter

If you are having guests to stay over the festive season, it’s a good idea to pay some attention to your spare bedroom well before they arrive. Try to look at it from a visitor’s perspective, and consider how you would feel if you were staying there. Perhaps even spend a night in the spare bedroom yourself, to see how comfortable or otherwise it actually is.

How to bring a little magic into your bedroom

Add sparkle to your wardrobe doors this winter

As the dark nights draw in, everything can begin to feel a little dull and dreary. For example, when you think about your bedroom, is it a place you look forward to retiring to at night? Or does it all feel a bit gloomy and miserable?

The best bedroom colours for 2023

How to choose the perfect wardrobe doors for your bedroom

Colour is big news in interior design in 2023. And finding the right colour for you is so important. Whether we realise it or not, colour can stir very powerful emotions in us. We all subconsciously associate certain colours with past experiences and memories, both good and bad.

Transform your bedroom with mirrors

Make a difference with mirrored wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Spring is a time of change. And if you want to do something quick and easy to change your bedroom this spring, the answer may be simple. Mirrors!

How sliding doors can transform your bedroom

Release more bedroom space with sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Spring is on its way, and perhaps the changing of the season makes you realise that it’s also time to make a few changes to your home. But the one thing that you may feel you cannot change is the amount of space available in your home. You’d love your home to feel more open, fresh and airy : but that just seems like an impossible ask.

How to keep your bedroom tidy all the time!

Create your perfect bedroom in 2023 with new wardrobe doors

If you’re planning to refresh your bedroom in 2023, a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration is to look through our amazing gallery of bedroom pictures.

Make your guests feel at home this Christmas

Get your guest room Christmas-ready with new wardrobe doors

Christmas is coming, and if you are having guests to stay over the festive season, now is the time to start preparing. Time flies past so quickly at this time of the year and they’ll be at the door before you know it. So, if you want your home to end up on the nice list, it’s time to spring into action.

How to make your bedroom cosy this autumn

Smarten up your bedroom this autumn with funky new wardrobe doors

Autumn is well and truly here, and with it come those darker colder nights. They can be a great opportunity to snuggle down in your bedroom – particularly in these times when we are all trying to save energy!

Get your children’s bedroom ready for Back to School

Smart Back to School storage solutions with wardrobe doors

September still feels like a new start for many of us. Even years after we have left school ourselves, there is something about the long summer holidays drawing to a close, and the nip of autumn in the early morning air, that brings a sense of change.