Month: December 2013

Merry Christmas From DIY Homefit!

It’s that time of year again.The days are getting shorter, the bitter winds are biting and we’re on the eve of an inevitable snow flurry.

You guessed it – It’s Christmas!

Lego Bedroom

At  DIY Homefit we aim to provide high quality bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture.  We have a wonderful range of options that can be tailor-made to your specifications.  Every month we like to bring you some unusual inspiration from around the world.  This month we have found a bedroom that looks fairly normal from a distance, but upon closer inspection you will see just how creative it is.

Crazy Kitchens

At DIY Homefit we pride ourself on providing a wide range of custom made kitchens, as such we like to keep in touch with all current trends.  Each month we thought we would have a look at unusual kitchen designs.  This week is the winner of the “crazy kitchen award” created by “kitchen’s for Living”.  This unique design was created to include a fresh glamourous style while being inspired by the cubism and surrealist art movement.  The designer wanted to move away from kitchen ergonomics and create something that in contracts had the power to confuse and disorientate its user.