Bedroom furniture – mix or match?

Style your bedroom with new wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

If you are planning to update your bedroom there are so many design decisions to be made! Our recent article The most popular bedroom colours in 2021 outlined just a few of the gorgeous colours you could choose for different aspects of your bedroom, including walls, flooring, wardrobe doors and bedroom furniture.

 One thing we referred to in that article is the issue of whether you want everything in your bedroom to match. Not just in terms of colour but also style. A more traditional bedroom style would be to have a complete set of matching bedroom furniture, such as the lovely bedroom pictured below, which features our elegant Newport bedroom furniture and wardrobe doors in vanilla.



But let’s take a look at some possible alternative bedroom designs. Designs which definitely mix rather than match. If you do it right, mixing your bedroom furniture could create a wonderful bespoke look for your bedroom. But if you want to try doing this, here are three tips that can help you do it well:


Start with one statement piece

When redesigning your bedroom, start off with one item that you absolutely love and make that the focus of the room. It makes sense to choose a large item for this as that is what is most likely to catch your eye every time you come into the room. 

So whether it’s the bed or another large item of bedroom furniture such as a dresser or statement chair, use that as the centrepiece of your room and work from there.

The image below shows a stunning bedroom with a contemporary bed as the centrepiece of the room. Its geometric style is showcased by the feature wall, the dramatic lighting, and the contrasting wardrobe doors in Valore Fjord and Light Grey.



Repeat one key feature

Even if you want to avoid everything in your bedroom matching exactly, it is still helpful to have some kind of theme that draws everything together. One way to do this is to choose a key feature that you repeat in various different items in your room.

For example, in the bedroom pictured below, there are a variety of different styles and colours, but the room still has a coordinated look. One of the reasons for this is that several of the items – including the Broadway wardrobe doors, the sets of drawers, the small chair and also the lighting – all have metallic elements which brings a sense of continuity to the style of the room.



Vary textures, styles and colours

If you bear the above two tips in mind, you can then do pretty much whatever you like in terms of textures, styles and colours in your bedroom. 

One or two pointers on each of these are:



Try mixing different textures both between items and within the same item. For example try combining wood with either stone, metal or glass.

In the image below there is an effective combination of acrylic, metallic and stone textures which together give a minimalistic yet warm ambience to this spacious bedroom.





Experiment with different styles, and don’t be afraid to mix traditional with contemporary or heavier pieces with lighter ones. The more you contrast your styles, the more individual your bedroom will look.

In the image below the Aldridge vinyl wrapped wardrobe doors blend beautifully with the brick and wood style textures of the wall and flooring to create a bedroom that is both stylish and practical.


aldridge_denim (4)



It usually looks better if you coordinate colours rather than trying to get an exact match. You may want to pick a colour theme for the room of three or four colours that you distribute throughout the room.

In the image below – which features our Venice wardrobe doors – different shades of cream, lilac and grey blend beautifully together to create a rich and luxurious ambience in this cosy bedroom.




So, if it’s time to refresh your bedroom, and you want a totally different look, why not consider mixing it up a bit?

We hope that this article has given you some initial ideas. To move things forward, why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to find the styles that you like most. Then take a look at our ranges of wardrobe doors and bedroom furniture to see how we could help you create your brand new bedroom.

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