Bring the outside in to your bedroom this summer

How to accessorise your bedroom and wardrobe doors for summer

As summer approaches it can make us realise that our home needs a bit of a refresh to fit with the season. Compared with the lighter brighter days outside, things can look rather tired and gloomy inside. But what can we do to change that?

One major interior design trend at the moment is to bring the outside in. This has become particularly popular since the pandemic, when many of us were constrained to stay at home, but longed to be outdoors. This was particularly the case for those with no garden or other outside space, which led to the desire to bring more greenery and natural elements into the home to compensate for that.

So in this article we look at five ways to bring the outside into your bedroom this summer.

Let the light shine in

One quick and simple way to freshen up your bedroom and bring the outside in is to let as much light into your bedroom as possible. If you have dark curtains, why not consider changing them for something lighter for summer so that you maximise the amount of light coming through. And if you have a skylight, make sure that it is clear and clean, and able to shed light around your room.

You can also reflect more light around your room by placing mirrors around the room. This will also make your bedroom look larger by the way! And how about changing one or two items of bedroom furniture to a lighter colour, as this also helps to reflect light. For example if you have dark wardrobe doors, you could change these for a lighter colour, such as in the image below.

Use nature-inspired colours in your bedroom

Biophilic colours are big news in interior design at the moment. Biophilic colours are those that are inspired by nature, for example:

  • Sky – blues, pinks, oranges, whites.
  • Sea – blues, greens, greys, off-whites.
  • Plants – all shades of green, browns.
  • Earth – browns, greys, sand, terracotta.

Incorporating these colours into your bedroom has a calming effect and brings a peaceful ambience to your room. Experiment with different combinations for a unique, timeless feel.

Accessorise your bedroom with florals

Just the thought of florals can feel a little old-fashioned, but far from it! Florals can make a real statement in your bedroom and bring the freshness of the outside in. Consider adding a floral feature wall, as pictured below. Or if you want something more subtle, just adding a few floral accessories such as curtains, bed linen, cushions, rugs or even artwork can add the perfect floral flourish to your room. 

For the best result, remember the principle “less is more” here and don’t overdo the florals : just one or two of the features we’ve mentioned is likely to be enough to achieve the desired effect.

Add some natural textures to your bedroom

We looked earlier at biophilic colours, but you can also experiment with textures when trying to bring the outside in. For example wooden bed frames or other bedroom furniture, wooden flooring, natural stone tiling, woven rugs, wicker baskets, fabric wall hangings and accessories can all increase the natural feel of your bedroom.

Many of the wardrobe doors we supply at DIY Homefit have nature-inspired finishes, so if you are thinking of changing your wardrobe doors, start by taking a look at our wonderful ranges of replacement wardrobe doors to see how easily you could transform the look of your bedroom.

Bring plants and flowers into your bedroom

And of course one very easy and lovely way to bring the outside into your bedroom is to display flowers and plants around it. Even just one plant or vase of flowers can make a big difference, but the more the better. And if you are not good at looking after real plants and flowers, do consider artificial ones as there are many excellent and lifelike products available.

If you are short on space, one effective tactic to try is to place one plant near your window then either place other plants outside your window or ensure that there is foliage outside it – as in the image below. This will draw the eye from inside your bedroom to the greenery outside, and create the illusion of there being much more greenery inside than there really is.

We hope that the information in this article helps to give you some pointers about how to bring the outside into your bedroom this summer. For more inspiration, take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to see how you could get the look you are trying to achieve.

For more home tips and tricks, do check back here with us soon at DIY Homefit.