Can DIY kitchens be quality kitchens

In our last blog we dared to mention Christmas and encouraged you to consider treating yourself to a new kitchen in time for the big day.  We supply a comprehensive range of replacement kitchen doors, worktops, and storage solutions in a wide range of finishes that will totally transform your kitchen.  As you can see from the examples here, the results of such a kitchen refurbishment are simply stunning!

One question that may be in your mind is whether a DIY kitchen refurbishment with replacement kitchen doors etc can ever really be as good quality as a total replacement kitchen?  It is certainly a cheaper option but, in the long term, would it not be better to gut the whole kitchen and start again from scratch?

Recent advice from This Money website is that installing an expensive modern kitchen is unlikely to recoup its cost when you come to sell your home.  From a purely investment point of view therefore, spending a small fortune on a total kitchen refurbishment is not necessarily a wise move.

But what if you have no plans to move home in the near future yet want to have a wonderful new kitchen?  Can you really achieve as good a quality by using replacement DIY furniture as you could by redoing everything from scratch?   Well the answer is yes!  As long as your existing cabinets are still in good condition inside, you can achieve excellent results.  You can also usually save at least 50% compared to the cost of replacing the whole unit.  At DIY Homefit we supply high quality replacement kitchen doors in finishes including vinyl wrapped and acrylic ultragloss.  We also supply our doors on a made to measure basis so that you can be sure of a perfect fit.

The other major advantage of replacement kitchen doors is the limited disruption that fitting  causes to the kitchen.  The kitchen remains functional during the refurbishment process so can still be used as normal.  You can empty one cupboard at a time rather than have to move everything out of your kitchen!  Also the whole process will only take a couple of days rather than several weeks.

So, by using DIY furniture not only will you end up with a stunning bespoke kitchen of excellent quality, you will invest wisely, save money, save time and minimise stress and disruption for the whole family!  Why not contact DIY Homefit today to start planning your kitchen refurbishment in more detail.