Clever tricks to maximise your bedroom storage

Maximise your bedroom storage with new wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Let’s face it, we could all do with more storage space in the bedroom. No matter how minimalistic you aim to be, there never seems to be quite enough storage to find a suitable place for everything so that it can stay neatly out of the way.

But DIY Homefit is here to help! So in this article we share a few clever tricks that will help you to maximise your bedroom storage.

Fit the largest wardrobes that you can

Take a good look around your bedroom to see if your wardrobes could be any bigger than they are? It’s often the case that we are cramming things into wardrobes that could easily be made much larger. 

For example, is there space above your existing wardrobes? In which case why not consider floor to ceiling wardrobes? Or if you have some awkwardly-shaped corners in your bedroom, which are currently just dead space, did you know that it’s possible to get custom-built wardrobes to fit into those nooks and crannies and turn them into additional storage space?

The image below shows a set of made to measure white hinged wardrobe doors that make full use of the height of the wall, and also extend into the sloping corners of the room. For further details, check out DIY Homefit Made to Measure wardrobe page.

Organise the insides of your wardrobes

To maximise your wardrobe space, you also need to decide what configuration inside the wardrobe works best for you. For example, if your wardrobe consists entirely of hanging space, this could lead to a lot of wasted space underneath that could be used for shelves or drawers instead. Or you may want to split your wardrobe vertically between hanging space and shelving – either concealed or open as shown below.

If you have a wardrobe just with hanging space, and don’t want to make permanent changes to the layout, another option would be to use some freestanding storage solutions inside your wardrobe instead. DIY Homefit has various bedroom storage options available to help with this.

Pictured below are a pull down hanging rail, a sliding door storage rack and two different styles of shoe rack. Any of these options could fit neatly behind your wardrobe doors to provide valuable extra storage space.

Add some freestanding furniture into your bedroom

Another storage option to consider is adding an item of freestanding furniture into your bedroom, if you have the space to do so.

For example, is there space to add another chest of drawers into the bedroom, or perhaps to replace your current chest of drawers with a larger one? If you have plenty of floor space, could you add an item of furniture such as a decorative table or chest into the middle of the bedroom – similar to the concept of a kitchen island? 

Another option to consider could be seating – such as an ottoman or large stool – with storage incorporated into it. This would make your bedroom a more flexible living space, as well as creating more storage space.

And if you need a bit more floor space to make room for more freestanding furniture, remember that changing your wardrobe doors to sliding wardrobe doors could free up some valuable space in front of your current wardrobes.

Wall shelving

We explored different kinds of wardrobe shelving earlier, but another easy way to get more bedroom storage is to make full use of wall shelving. No matter how little wall space you have, there is almost always somewhere to add shelving : either a set of shelves or one or more single floating shelves.

Wall shelving can not only provide additional storage space, but if carefully curated can also add a touch of personality and artistic flair to your bedroom. It is an opportunity to display some of your favourite items, and fill your bedroom with happy memories without being cluttered.

Display cabinets

If you like the idea of items being on display, but don’t want wall shelving, see if there is anywhere in your bedroom for a small display cabinet. This could either be integrated in with the rest of your wardrobe doors – as shown below – or kept completely separate.

A display cabinet is a great way to showcase special items whilst still keeping everything neat and tidy. And a display cabinet with glass doors can also help to reflect light around your bedroom, making it look and feel more spacious and airy.

We hope that this article has given you some useful tips about how to maximise storage space in your bedroom. For further inspiration why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures, then start planning how to improve your bedroom in 2024.

Remember to check back here soon for more home and lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.