Creative Kitchens: “Queen of Beads”

Each month DIY Homefit search the globe for creative bespoke kitchen and bedroom ideas. This month our travels take us to America and the artist called Liza Lou, also know as the “queen of beads”. Lou’s unique artwork consists of covering surfaces with millions of tiny glass beads.

This piece apply named “Kitchen” took 5 years to complete and covers every inch of a normal kitchen, even including the water in the sink and the dirty dishes. She later went on to create “Backyard” which took over 30 million beads, the majority of which were used to make the 250,000 tiny blades of grass.


It may not be that practical but boy this piece certainly looks impressive! As the UK’s premier internet supplier of custom made kitchen and bedroom units, here at DIY Homefit we’re always intrigued to see innovative ideas and artist impressions of our primary offerings.

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