Easter Eggstravaganza!

Easter is almost upon us and at DIY Homefit we love the tradition of an Easter Egg Hunt! For very young children, eggs hidden around the home and garden in places that are not too difficult to find works well.  Older children may enjoy the greater challenge of a treasure hunt with clues as to where to find the eggs.   

We set ourselves our own challenge: to think of enough places just within the kitchen to hide eggs. Places that need to be low enough for a child to reach, easy enough for a child to open, and safe in terms of contents that can be moved around without breaking and we came up with lots of ideas such as the six pictured below.

 diy blog 1  diy blog 2  diy blog 3
Blum Blumotion drawer box Cutlery organiser Under oven drawer
 diy blog 4 diy blog 5 diy blog 6
Soft close pull out basket Corner pull out unit Blind corner optimiser plus

The above examples illustrate just a few of the items available if you are sourcing a kitchen replacement from DIY Homefit.  Our products are a little like the Tardis in terms of the amount of unexpected space inside!  Whether you are installing new kitchen cabinets or are going for kitchen cupboard replacement, there is something to suit every taste and style!

Of particular interest at this time of year when you sometimes need your products fast may be our DIY Homefit Express Doors. These kitchen cupboard replacement doors are fast-tracked through the factory in 3 to 6 days. Our Handleless J-Pull Doors are available in 7 finishes and our Panelled/Shaker Style Doors are available in 6 finishes. You can see the full range here.  

So if you are looking to buy kitchen doors online and need them fast then look no further than DIY Homefit Express Doors!

All of us at DIY Homefit wish you and yours a Happy Easter and hope that you have lots of family fun in your kitchen!