Easter Trees

Refurbish your home this Easter with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit

Who knew? It seems that we have only just got our homes back to normal after all the Christmas decorations. But now a new craze is upon us: Easter trees!

This is for real. Yes, Easter Sunday this year does fall on April 1st but this is no joke. Easter trees are the latest craze.

So what are they and why are they suddenly here?

In fact Easter trees go back a long way. The tradition originated centuries ago in Germany. Known as Ostereierbaum – literally Easter egg tree – it began with people decorating the branches of trees with eggs at Easter time. The eggs are symbolic of life and were hung on branches of outdoor trees or on cut branches inside the home.

The resurgence of this trend can largely be attributed to social media. Last Easter, the Instagram community posted thousands of photographs of Easter egg trees on the social media platform. Instagrammers added a contemporary twist to the Easter tree trend by decorating either faux trees or bare seasonal branches with baubles or chocolate eggs.51vHUyW4mkL1

An advantage of the Easter tree over its big brother the Christmas tree is that it is much lower maintenance, with most trees being fairly small in size and only needing minimal decorating. In fact, some retailers are selling Easter trees with built-in LED lights and additional accessories available. One retailer – Stealadeal – describes their product – pictured right – as “a charming addition to your Easter decorations … helping you to create a wonderful Easter atmosphere”.

So when thinking about your plans for Easter, will Easter trees be part of those plans? Whether or not you do decorate your home for Easter, it is often the time of year when we start thinking about making improvements in the home. Spring has finally arrived and it feels like a good time for change.

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So whatever your plans for your home this Easter, DIY Homefit can help. Except perhaps for the Easter trees!