Get your children’s bedroom ready for Back to School

Smart Back to School storage solutions with wardrobe doors

September still feels like a new start for many of us. Even years after we have left school ourselves, there is something about the long summer holidays drawing to a close, and the nip of autumn in the early morning air, that brings a sense of change.

And, of course, if you have children that are at any stage of their education, September is always about Back to School. Whether you have young children starting school for the first time, older children moving up to a new school, or teenagers heading for college or university, there is always something that will need to be changed in their bedrooms.

Here are three tips to help get the perfect Back to School bedroom. We will take a look at how to:

  • Create a place for everything
  • Create a practical work area
  • Create a chill out zone

Create a place for everything

During the long school holidays it’s easy to forget about the dreaded school morning rush. And then September comes and you suddenly remember it all! However hard you try, there always seems to be that mad morning scramble, and you lose count of the number of times your child gets to school and has forgotten something!

One simple way to make things easier is to stick to the old saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. Spending a couple of days helping your child re-organise their bedroom will reap dividends during those rushed mornings. 

Try to devise a system that will help your child know exactly where to look for things. As part of this process it can really help to incorporate a variety of different storage solutions such as wardrobe or cupboard space, open and concealed shelving, and drawers. For example, you could use differently styled wardrobe doors – as in the image below – for school and home stuff.

It’s also a good idea to keep all school uniforms, PE kit, books and supplies away from all their other things if possible. As well as making their school stuff easy to find, this can also help to separate out school and home life, and help them to not think about school when it’s their leisure time. We will explore this topic in a bit more detail later in this article.

Create a practical work area

As well as storage space, it’s a good idea to create a work area in the bedroom if there is scope to do so. This is particularly important for older teenagers who are either studying for GCSEs, starting 6th form college, or perhaps going to Uni but living at home. They will need a desk or other flat surface to work at, a decent office chair, and shelves, cupboards or drawers for their books, folders and supplies.

You can create a simple work area just by dedicating one wall of your child’s room to this. The examples shown below both feature Venice wardrobe doors and drawer fronts, used to blend in the work area with the rest of the bedroom, and leaving plenty of room for both work and leisure.

DIY Homefit also supplies stylish ranges of home office furniture that includes desks, cupboards, shelves and filing cabinets. All items can be customised to your specific needs in terms of different heights and configurations. So if you have enough space to create a larger study section of your child’s room you could use home office furniture as shown in the image below:

Create a chill out zone

As we mentioned earlier, it can be really helpful for your child to keep their school things separate from the rest of their stuff if possible. As well as making things easier to find, it can help them to switch off from school pressures when it’s time to relax.

For younger children, some floor space for a play area is a really good idea. A space where they can have fun and be creative, and just be able to be children without a care in the world. 

Older children will appreciate a separate seating area if there is room, where there is room to chill out, and watch TV, read, listen to music or play online games. And if this area can also include either a day bed or space for a blow up bed, it’s the ideal environment for those sleepovers which can become so important as they get older.

So, however old your child is, and whatever stage of schooling they are at, we hope that this article has given you some ideas as to how to get their bedroom ready for Back to School. You can see more examples of fabulous bedrooms by browsing through our galleries of bedroom pictures.

Do check back here soon for more hints and tips from DIY Homefit.