How to add a splash of colour to your bedroom

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Spring is in the air, and at this time of year many of us get the urge to start making some improvements to our home. As we look around, everything can start to look rather tired and dated, and ready for a change. But where to start?

One relatively easy way to refresh a room is to change the colour scheme. Even making some small adjustments can totally transform both the look and feel of a room.

In this article we take a quick look at how to add a splash of colour to your bedroom, and also some of the most on-trend colours for 2024 so far.

Five ways to add a splash of colour to your bedroom

When considering changing the colour of a room, the obvious thing to do is to paint the walls. Whilst this is definitely an option, there are also several other clever ways that you can add a splash of colour. In fact, what you might want to do is paint the walls a warm neutral colour and then have a colour theme for the rest of the room that can be changed on a regular basis without having to repaint the walls again.

Here are five ways to add a splash of colour to your bedroom:

  • Create a feature wall

If you don’t want to repaint a whole room, or have recently repainted it, then a potential solution is to create a feature wall. You could either paint this wall a different colour, wallpaper it in a bold pattern, or create a wall mural. Let your imagination run riot here, and find a look that really works for you. 

Or another option would be to create a gallery wall of artwork and/or photos that would not only brighten up the wall but also reflect your personality in your bedroom. You could also extend this idea by covering all or part of your feature wall with shelving and using it to display items that are meaningful to you and tell your story.

  • Repaint an item of furniture

It’s amazing how much difference you can make to your bedroom by brightening up just one or two pieces of furniture. So how about repainting a chest of drawers, bedside table or bookcase, and making it a feature item in your room? 

You can read about some of the trending bedroom colours later in this article, or you could have a go at a distressed or shabby chic look to also add a bit of texture.

  • Replace or repaint your wardrobe doors

The wardrobe often becomes a major feature of your bedroom, even if you don’t particularly want it to. It certainly takes up the most room! So if your wardrobe doors are not looking their best, it will bring down the look and feel of the whole room.

Fortunately, this is easily fixed. If the doors are good quality, you may be able to repaint them in a colour of your choice. But if not, replacement wardrobe doors are a great alternative.

  • Refresh your lighting

Boosting your lighting in a room always makes a huge difference. So why not consider doing this and add a splash of colour at the same time. For example:

  • Replace plain lampshades with brightly coloured ones;
  • Add one or more colourful table lamps;
  • String fairy lights around furniture or mirrors;
  • Place coloured glass candle holders around the room,

Any of these can brighten up your room in an instant. You can also increase the impact by strategically placing mirrors around the room to catch and reflect the coloured lighting into all the nooks and crannies of the room.

  • Accessorise in colour

One of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to introduce a splash of colour to a room is to accessorise it with soft furnishings such as cushions, throws or rugs. A few brightly coloured soft furnishings can make a room look completely different in a matter of minutes. And the good news is that these items can be changed frequently to continue giving your bedroom a fresh new look.

Five trending bedroom colours for 2024

The key thing when choosing colours for your home is to think of colours you like and that make you happy. This is far more important than picking a colour just because everyone else seems to be doing so.

But if you’re a bit stuck for inspiration, here are five of the most popular bedroom colours for 2024 so far, based on extensive analysis of search data.

  • Green

All shades of green are proving to be popular bedroom colours in 2024. And that should come as no surprise, when you think about the calming properties of green. Green can also conveys a hint of nature and bringing the outdoors into your home.

Whether you prefer a peaceful pale green, a gentle sage green, a versatile deep green or a bold green such as emerald or lime, green will bring a fresh ambience to your room that is both calming and energising . 

Check out some of DIY Homefit’s fabulous green wardrobe doors such as Bella Vinyl Fir Green, Sage Green and Pistachio Green – pictured below – or Zurfiz Flat Slab Serica Sage Green. 

  • Grey

Grey is always a popular colour choice for bedrooms, and works well with both contemporary and traditional decor. Grey is often thought of as a plain colour, but as can be seen from the image earlier in this article, it can look both decorative and stunning with the addition of a patterned feature wall.

Grey is also often matched with neutrals such as whites and creams and also looks good with different shades of blue.

  • Black

Black is a bold design decision, but seems to be gaining popularity in 2024 above other previously trending colours such as pink or navy. A black bedroom sets a strong yet inviting mood in the room, but is also a versatile and timeless choice. 

If you don’t want to go completely black, it  can blend in very well with warm shades of wood, and with other strong colours such as the red and green feature wall pictured below.

  • White

A pristine white bedroom looks fabulous in itself and can also blend with pretty much any colour of your choice to create just the bedroom look you are aiming for. 

There is a surprisingly wide variety of whites available. A warm off-white can create a cosy ambience in your bedroom and can be accented by one or more other colours of your choice, such as a sage green or mid blue. Or you may prefer to go for a crisp white, perhaps adding a bright colour such as yellow, green, pink or turquoise for a contrasting effect. 

  • Blue

Blue remains a firm favourite bedroom colour and spans a wide spectrum of shades. Pale blue is a cool and calming colour, mid-blues can bring a refreshing coastal feel to your bedroom, or a dark or navy blue is a dramatic yet feel-good option. Or how about a combination of different shades of blue?

When finding the right shade of blue for your bedroom, another factor to take into consideration is the amount of natural light in your bedroom. If your room is particularly light and bright, you may find that this bleaches out very pale blues and it may be better to opt for a brighter blue, for example turquoise or sapphire. But if your room is lacking in natural light, it may not work to have dark blues in the room, as the room could end up looking too dark and gloomy.

We hope that this article has given you some useful tips about how to choose and use colour effectively in your bedroom. For further inspiration why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures, and start planning how to add a splash of colour to your bedroom in 2024.

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