How to bring a little magic into your bedroom

Add sparkle to your wardrobe doors this winter

As the dark nights draw in, everything can begin to feel a little dull and dreary. For example, when you think about your bedroom, is it a place you look forward to retiring to at night? Or does it all feel a bit gloomy and miserable?

The good news is that a few small changes can help to add a touch of magic to your dull bedroom this winter, and transform it from just a place to sleep into a cosy sanctuary in which to while away those long winter nights.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do this.

Ceiling lighting

If you have a ceiling light in your bedroom, take a good look at it and see if you could improve it. This may be as simple as changing the lightshade to something a bit more arty. Or perhaps it’s time to add a more ornate ceiling light such as the example pictured below, which looks wonderful with our Venice Blush Pink wardrobe doors

Whatever you choose, make sure that your ceiling light becomes a feature that adds value to the room rather than just a very plain light taking up air space in your room. And if your current ceiling light is not dimmable, you may also want to remedy this, as a dimmable light enables you to vary the ambience of your room literally at the flick of a switch.

Bedside lights

As well as ceiling lighting, ensure that you make the most of bedside lights in your bedroom. Most people just have a small table lamp on top of the bedside cabinet, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Why not replace your bedside lights with something more ornate or arty? Or consider perhaps having wall lights installed instead of table lamps? 

The image below – of our Acrylic Graphite wardrobe doors – shows how cleverly placed wall lights can bring a touch of softness and glow to a bedroom that is otherwise very minimalist. This can be the perfect effect for a cosy winter’s night hibernating.

LED lighting

Another lovely lighting option to consider is LED lighting. LED lighting not only adds some welcome extra lighting to different areas of your bedroom but also has a similar effect to fairy lights, adding a bit of sparkle and magic to your room.

You may already have LED ceiling lighting, but it can also be used very effectively to highlight different areas of your bedroom such as a dressing table or recessed storage area as shown in the image below. The combination of LED lighting embedded in our Euroline Cashmere wardrobe doors, and the toning ceiling and bedside lighting brings warmth and depth to the room.


Another wonderful way to reflect light around your bedroom and lift the atmosphere is by adding mirrors to your room. A large cleverly placed wall mirror, dressing table mirror, or freestanding mirror can really make your room look bigger and lighter, and can add atmosphere to any dark gloomy corner.

If you are short on space in your bedroom, mirrored wardrobe doors are definitely worth considering. Even with dark bedroom furniture – such as the Dark Walnut Woodgrain wardrobe doors pictured below – an integrated mirror will brighten up the room and add a little magic to those dark winter nights. 

Wall art

Plain bland walls can really bring down the atmosphere in your bedroom. So why not live things up with some cheerful wall art? Either find paintings that mean something to you and reflect your personality, or create a gallery wall of your favourite photos and memories.

Another option would be to have a feature wall in your bedroom with either a large image or bright pattern. Or perhaps add texture to one or more walls with rich fabric, natural stone or brick, or designer tiles. Any of these options would not only add style and depth to your bedroom but also bring a touch of magic. 

Just look at the 3D-effect feature wall pictured below, which blends in perfectly with the Valore Fjord and grey wardrobe doors and the striking ornate ceiling light.

Warm accessories

Another way to cosy up your bedroom and add a touch of magic this winter is to bring in some lovely accessories. Consider replacing one or more items such as bed linen, throws, cushions, curtains and rugs to enhance the look and feel of your room. 

Perhaps instead of getting everything to match, go for a more eclectic look to add warmth and interest to your bedroom. But just be careful to curate your accessories carefully so that your bedroom still looks well put together rather than a bit of a mess! 

The image below shows a bedroom furnished with our Cambridge Lissa Oak wardrobe doors, but even though there are lots of different coloured accessories – and also open shelving for storage – the room still looks cosy and welcoming rather than in need of tidying up.

We hope that this article has given you a few ideas about how to bring a little magic into your bedroom this winter. For further ideas and inspiration why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to help you think about the kind of bedroom you want to hibernate in this winter.

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