Kitchen Drawers with a Difference

Every year in Las Vegas, a major event takes place that you may not have heard of before. It’s the “KBIS” – The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the world’s largest international tradeshow event dedicated to its industry. KBIS is an inspiring, interactive showcase of new products for kitchens and bathrooms, including kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen accessories.

One of the most popular trends at KBIS 2014 was the range of accessories for kitchen drawers. These accessories included items such as cutlery trays, spice racks, knife blocks, aluminum foil holders, and even bread drawers with customized bread boxes! The whole concept was to enable customers to organise their kitchen drawers around the way they and their family use the kitchen.

You may not have given much thought to efficient organisation of kitchen drawers but, on reflection, that could lead to quite a bit of wasted storage space. Many of us on the one hand have kitchen drawers full of random “bits and pieces”, but on the other hand complain about not having enough storage space. The clear message is to make full use of the often dead storage space that kitchen drawers provide.

At DIY Homefit we have a wide variety of clever storage solutions for kitchen drawers. For a single drawer there are ranges of cutlery organisers, utensil organisers, and pegboards to enable every drawer to function fully as an ergonomic storage unit.

We also particularly like these wire drawer organisers. These individual pull out baskets can either be used as internal drawers – i.e. within a kitchen cabinet – as shown in the left hand image below, or can be fitted with standard drawer fronts as shown in the right hand image. Either way, they maximise the amount of storage capacity of the drawer and enable you to store everything as you would wish.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 21.40.47.pngScreen Shot 2014-12-06 at 21.44.19.png

The next KBIS show is in Las Vegas from January 20th-22nd and we will report back here on some of the latest trends in kitchens that emerge! One thing is for sure, you do not need to spend a small fortune to stay on trend. Browse through the rest of our website to see some of the wonderful kitchen storage solutions available from DIY Homefit. Why not plan some new kitchen ideas for your home in 2015?