Make room for Christmas!

Create more storage space with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit

Do you remember that lovely old Christmas poem A Visit from St. Nicholas, by Clement Clarke Moore? It paints a picture of an idyllic Christmas Eve:


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds ……


……. Except that’s not how it really works in most homes at Christmas! Yes, stockings may well be hung – even if you don’t have a chimney. But let’s face it, the chances of children being “nestled all snug in their beds” are pretty low. They are more likely to be up and about every hour or so, desperate to check whether Santa has been. If you are a parent you may as well give up all hope of a peaceful night’s sleep on Christmas Eve.

It doesn’t help that you’ve probably also been up horribly late wrapping the last minute gifts – or maybe even all the gifts – for your children. Because how exactly are you expected to do that when they’re around all the time. And not just around, but actively searching for any sign of hidden presents.

So, today’s big question is, where on earth are you supposed to hide Christmas presents away from prying eyes? How do you make room for Christmas?

Christmas always brings challenges in terms of room. Which should not be surprising, given that it all started with “no room at the inn”! But it’s the time of year when we always realise that we just don’t have enough space in our homes for the extra people, food and presents that Christmas brings.

So here are some fun ideas as to how to make room for Christmas. And where to hide those presents!


A kitchen island

Adding an island to your kitchen immediately transforms your kitchen in three ways: storage, food preparation and socialising. The image below is from a kitchen featuring our Broadway replacement kitchen doors in Matt Cashmere. The island blends in with the look and feel of the kitchen, and provides plenty of extra storage space – with lots of potential to hide those Christmas presents in a place that no-one will think to look.

An island can easily be incorporated into your existing kitchen, and with replacement kitchen doors and worktops from DIY Homefit, your kitchen will be completely transformed.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 16.11.10

Kitchen cupboards

But you don’t even need to install an island to maximise your kitchen storage space. When you buy kitchen units from DIY Homefit, you really are spoilt for choice. Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 16.12.02

You can configure your cupboards in so many ways, including drawers, fixed or pull out shelves and wine racks. Our cupboards come in all shapes and sizes, including custom made. And whether you need tall or small, wide or narrow, straight or curved edges – we can help.

At DIY Homefit we also supply a broad range of kitchen storage solutions. There is something to meet every need. Organisers, racks, carousels, trays and even bins can easily be incorporated into your kitchen with the help of DIY Homefit.

Which means that if you are trying to find storage space for all that extra Christmas food and drink – and also to squirrel a few presents away – consider it done.


Home office

Our last article – The Time for your DIY Home Office is Now – showed some fabulous examples of home offices. Home offices are Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 16.13.13 increasingly important as more and more of us are now working from home. But they can also act as a bit of an overspill at times like Christmas, when we really need more storage space. They are also a brilliant place to hide children’s Christmas presents, particularly if your home office has been categorised by your kids as “boring”!

A home office such as the one pictured here, has got plenty of nooks and crannies where you can store extra Christmas stuff, including presents. 

But when you’re working in there in the run up to Christmas, just make sure you don’t get carried away and eat all the mince pies!


Bedroom wardrobes

You don’t even have to be a fan of C.S.Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles to agree that wardrobes are fascinating places. Most children who have read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe have probably checked the back of all the wardrobes in their homes, just in case there really is a secret fantasy land out there. 

But well-designed bedroom wardrobes can be a lifesaver if you need more space at Christmas. Whether you hope to have guests coming to stay or just need extra storage space, your wardrobe can really help. 

If guests are staying in your spare room, you can store away all your clutter behind beautiful doors, and the room will look fabulous. With DIY Homefit’s custom fitted wardrobes you can make the most of every inch of space in your bedroom. Why have a gap or corner of dead space when instead it could be incorporated into the wardrobe for extra storage space? 

It’s times like Christmas when you realise the importance of maximising your storage space, and custom fitted wardrobes are an ideal way to do this.

Take a look at the examples below to see what we mean. Then why not browse through our Bedroom Pictures Gallery to see many more examples of how DIY Homefit’s wardrobes and replacement wardrobe doors are both practical and beautiful.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 16.14.10


So, our advice to you would be that if you want to give yourself the best chance of making room for Christmas, have a look at DIY Homefit’s kitchen, home office, and bedroom storage solutions to see how we can help.

From all of us at DIY Homefit  “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”