The mysterious case of the handleless kitchen doors

Calling all you amateur sleuths out there! You may have noticed over the past four or five years a strange phenomenon taking place in a kitchen near you?  Handles are gradually disappearing!  More and more kitchens seem to be missing them.  We have heard reports of many kitchen cupboards and built in appliances now having a totally smooth finish.  So why are more and more people choosing handleless kitchen doors?

The handleless trend is all about making a statement.  Particularly for open plan kitchens handleless kitchen doors can look more like stylish pieces of contemporary furniture rather than functional storage solutions. They work particularly well with high gloss kitchen units and can effectively camouflage the myriad fixtures and fittings needed for a modern working kitchen.

But how do handleless kitchens doors actually work?  The two main options are either an inbuilt groove in the edge of the design or kitchen press doors that simply need to be pressed to open.  

At DIY Homefit we supply a range of handleless kitchen doors in our DIY Homefit Express range. The handleless kitchen doors come in range of colours and can be despatched within 3 days. We also supply a range of accessories for handleless kitchen doors, including rails, panels, plinths and posts.

Aside from the style factor, many people find handleless kitchen doors more hygienic and easy to clean than kitchen cabinets with handles.  Whilst they will attract more than their fair share of fingerprints, a quick wipe down will be all that is needed to freshen them up again, with no handles to trap dirt and make it awkward to clean around. It could also be argued that handleless kitchen doors are safer for a family kitchen, with no handles jutting out for a child either to bump into or snag their clothes on.

But is everything really rosy in the world of handleless kitchen doors?  Are there some disadvantages?  Well, some would argue that they may be a passing trend and may therefore not be a sound investment for a kitchen refurbishment, particularly as they have the reputation of being more expensive than doors with handles.

Others accuse them of sometimes being difficult to open – and you can perhaps visualise trying to repeatedly press a door with one hand whilst having your other hand full of food or kitchen equipment or a struggling child! Still others would say that they can be a bit flimsy and either split away at the top or start to lose their lamination.

Whist the above potential disadvantages should be explored in more detail, in our view they are not an issue if you purchase good quality handleless kitchen doors in the first place.  So take a browse through our range and also why not look at some examples of finished kitchens to get some ideas about which type of kitchen doors would look best in your home?

Whatever style you choose, you can be confident that DIY Homefit will supply you with good quality kitchen doors at competitive prices and with the consistently excellent after sales service that makes us stand out from the crowd.  DIY Homefit: making your house a home.