Top 10 Tips that won’t break the bank!

Christmas and New Year are now but distant memories and spring is definitely in the air but not quite here just yet.

This “in between” time of year can be rather flat and many of us begin to feel restless. We want to make changes in our lives but are not quite sure where to start. Everything seems to be on hold.

One positive thing we can do at this time of year is to take a good look at our homes and decide on the improvements that we want to make this year. We can start to plan what to do when. Even just having these plans can make us feel better; make us feel that we are doing something, even though we haven’t actually started.

Unfortunately the inevitable problem between making the plans and putting them into action is money. Or lack of it! For example, you may be able to visualise your dream kitchen but think you just don’t have the money to do what you would like to do.

However, there is a lot you can do to improve your kitchen without spending a fortune. Here are our Top Ten Tips for a new kitchen that won’t break the bank:

Replacement kitchen doors
Many people undertake a complete kitchen refurbishment when much of their existing kitchen is still fully functional. It is kinder on the pocket – and the environment – if you can re-use some of what is already there and improve it. With replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit you can drastically improve the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of full refurbishment. We have a wide variety of fabulous ranges available that will simply transform your kitchen.

New cabinet handles
A kitchen cabinet door can look very different depending on what kind of handle you put on it. So as well as replacement kitchen doors, choose your door handles carefully to achieve the perfect finish you are looking for. At DIY Homefit we have a stunning range of handles that will stamp your personality on your kitchen. You will be spoilt for choice!

Updated storage solutions
One thing that really can spoil the look of your kitchen is clutter. So no matter how good your kitchen cabinets look on the outside, it’s essential to also get them sorted on the inside. At DIY Homefit we offer a comprehensive range of contemporary storage solutions such as pull-out drawers and drawer organisers for kitchen cupboards and drawers. Your kitchen will not only look fabulous but will be practical and clutter free!

Install an island
Another excellent storage solution that can transform the look of your kitchen is an island. It can also provide additional workspace and seating capacity. Take a look at some of our kitchen pictures to see how good one could look in your kitchen! If you combine installing an island and using matching replacement kitchen doors you will give your kitchen a quick facelift as well as increasing its storage space and functionality.

New worktops
Another effective way to update your kitchen is to replace the worktops. At DIY Homefit we have four extensive ranges of premium quality laminated worktops. With many different colours, textures and finishes to choose from there is bound to be the perfect combination for your kitchen.

New splashbacks
When replacing worktops also remember to include splashbacks and upstands, which are ideal for protecting kitchen walls. We provide splashbacks and upstands in most of the above worktop ranges, with samples and colour swatches available.

New flooring
Another way of transforming your kitchen is to install new flooring. This does not have to be as expensive or traumatic as you may fear. If your current kitchen flooring is still reasonable quality you can lay new flooring on top of it, cutting costs by running it underneath the plinths rather than wall-to-wall. So it is possible to install some good quality flooring at a reasonable cost without disrupting your kitchen for days. Check out our kitchen pictures to get some ideas of what kind of flooring would look good in your new kitchen.

Freshen your kitchen walls
Many people will remember the Fawlty Towers episode where the hapless builder O’Reilly insists that “a lick of paint” is the essential quick fix for the disastrous work he has done. But is is true that a fresh coat of paint can really boost the appearance of a room. Lighter colours give the illusion of more space, or you may want to go for a feature wall in a different colour for additional interest.

Get arty!
An alternative to the feature wall idea is to paint the wall the same colour as the rest but to feature a dramatic piece of artwork on it. If you have pale walls then something in bold colour could look stunning, particularly if it includes shades that tone with either your kitchen furniture or appliances.

Take a seat
Last but by no means least! If you have put time and money into creating a beautiful kitchen then make sure you enjoy it. Why not add in a comfy chair or sofa to create a space to relax. It would enable you to put your feet up for a few minutes during cooking, or for family or friends to gather informally. Let’s face it: if your kitchen is now the best room in the house it’s a shame not to make use of it!

We hope that these ideas help you to plan a new kitchen that won’t break the bank! Do browse through our galleries of kitchen pictures to help you decide which of our products can help you to transform your kitchen in 2018.