Sliding Doors

At DIY Homefit we love the film “Sliding Doors”. Just to jog your memory, it’s the one where Gwyneth Paltrow’s life gets split into two parallel universes at the point of her catching or missing a train. The film charts the different paths her life would take in each of those scenarios. Especially at this seasonal time of reflection, it’s fascinating to ponder the great “What If’s” of our lives and wonder how things might have been if we’d either caught or missed our equivalent of that train.

The actuality of sliding doors is also very near to our hearts at DIY Homefit as it is one of our favourite features for a bedroom makeover! The space saving properties of sliding doors are tremendous: imagine never having to squeeze past an open wardrobe door again! This opens up a lot of potential to put wardrobes in smaller spaces than you might have thought possible, for example alongside a bed,  and gives you a lot more flexibility for a completely new bedroom design.

Take a look around the rest of this website to find out more about our wonderful range of bedroom wardrobe doors! Our replacement wardrobe doors come both in standard sizes and made to measure bedroom doors. The image below shows three different examples of sliding wardrobe doors, and you can read more about the product ranges here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 07.48.15.png

We hope that your bedroom makeover is a success and that it leads to a better parallel universe in your home!