Ten quick tips on how to reorganise your wardrobe

It’s time to be proud of what’s behind your wardrobe doors!

When you open your wardrobe doors, what do you see? Hangers and shelves of neatly organised clothes and accessories? Or a complete jumbled mess?

The problem is that if things are in a mess, it leads to lots of frustration and wasted time trying to find things that you are looking for. And even when you do find them, chances are they are not looking their best if they’ve not been stored properly. Life would be so much easier if everything was in the place you’d expect it to be.

But if your wardrobe could be a little better organised than it is now, it can be difficult to know where to start. So in this article we give you ten quick tips on how to reorganise your wardrobe.

Tip 1: Start with a declutter

There is no point trying to fit more into your wardrobe than it can really contain. So why not take the opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t need rather than let it take up precious wardrobe space? Be ruthless and take anything you’ve not worn for the last couple of years out of your wardrobe. It will start to look better immediately! And anything you are getting rid of could be sold online or locally to boost your funds for some nice new clothes!

Tip 2 : Maximise your wardrobe space

If you have fitted wardrobes, there may be things that you can do to maximise your wardrobe space and give you more storage room. For example, could you extend your wardrobe into an area of dead space, such as a narrow gap or a sloping ceiling? DIY Homefit can supply custom made wardrobes and wardrobe doors that could help you to do this.

Tip 3 : Replace your wardrobe doors

Another way to increase your wardrobe space is by adding sliding wardrobe doors rather than doors that open out. This can help you to access the corners of your wardrobe more easily, and make better use of your wardrobe space. Sliding wardrobe doors are also a good solution for a small bedroom as they don’t need any space in front of them to open, so can give you more floor space. And if you choose mirrored wardrobe doors these can really open up a room, reflecting light around it and making everything look brighter and airier.

Tip 4 : Add storage inside your wardrobe

Another useful tip for reorganising your wardrobe is to add more storage options inside your wardrobe. For example, if your wardrobe currently just has hanging space, you could consider either adding some shelving and/or an additional hanging unit so that you double up your hanging space. A custom made storage solution – such as those pictured below – can help you to do this easily, and is much better quality than stuffing your wardrobe with lots of boxes or bags.

Tip 5 : Also use shelving outside your wardrobe

If you like the idea of using shelving for some of your clothing, accessories, and other bedroom items, you could also consider using shelving outside the wardrobe. This is also a great way of adding colour and interest to your bedroom. You could either coordinate your open shelving with your wardrobe doors – as shown below – or have a complete contrast to add depth and texture to your bedroom.

Tip 6 : Sort your clothes into groups

Once you have worked out the best wardrobe configuration for you, you now need to find the best place for all the clothes that you definitely want in there. Think how you want your wardrobe to look when you open those wardrobe doors. You may decide to organise by types of clothing – for example grouping together jackets, shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses etc. Or another alternative would be to organise by colour, grouping together various items that are different but share the same colour palette.

However you organise is up to you, but keep in mind the goal of being able to find things quickly and easily at all times . 

Tip 7 : Get on a roll!

Fans of Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo, will already be familiar with the KonMari Method of keeping things tidy. One element of this is to roll some items of clothing rather than folding them or just stuffing them into a drawer. This is a good technique for dresses or shirts made of thinner fabrics, and for items of underwear. Rolling can also help you to store more clothing in your bedroom drawers, leaving you more space in your wardrobe and shelves. All of which helps to keep your clothes in good condition.

Tip 8 : Don’t put anything away that needs attention

Talking of keeping clothes in good condition, try to get into the habit of not putting anything away in your wardrobe if it needs any kind of attention. If a button is missing or a hem is starting to come down, it’s less effort to put it back in the wardrobe, and tell yourself you will remember to sort it out later. But it’s much better to deal with it there and then because otherwise you will probably forget – until the next time you get the garment out to wear and realise you need to sort it out first.

Tip 9 : Find alternative storage for out of season items

Another useful tip for keeping your wardrobe well-organised is to find alternative storage for out of season items. Why let them take up precious space behind your wardrobe doors when you could store them out of the way somewhere else until the seasons change. So see if there is a bit of space in a guest room wardrobe, or a suitcase under the bed or in the loft.

Tip 10 : Reorganise on a regular basis

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Once you have finished reorganising your wardrobe, you need to be prepared to do it all again on a regular basis. The changing of the seasons is an obvious time – when summer and winter clothes need swapping around. But do take the opportunity to refresh and reorganise your wardrobe in between these times as well. 

For example you may decide to organise by colour or category – see Tip 6 – instead of however you are organised now. This can help inspire you to mix and match items together that you may not previously have done, and put together some clever outfit combinations that have just been waiting to be discovered.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas about how to reorganise your wardrobe and save you time every day.

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