Transform your bedroom with mirrors

Make a difference with mirrored wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

Spring is a time of change. And if you want to do something quick and easy to change your bedroom this spring, the answer may be simple. Mirrors!

In this article we take a look at four ways to transform your bedroom with mirrors this spring.

Install mirrored sliding wardrobe doors

If you currently have hinged wardrobe doors and want to create more space in your bedroom, sliding wardrobe doors are definitely worth considering. For starters, they can actually give you more floor space by freeing up space in front of the wardrobe because they don’t need the space to open up into. 

But if you also choose mirrored sliding wardrobe doors this can make your bedroom look much bigger because the mirrors reflect everything in the room and makes it look twice as big. Not only that, but the mirrors reflect light around the room so it all seems lighter and brighter.

So just by changing your wardrobe doors to mirrored sliding wardrobe doors can instantly transform the whole look and feel of your bedroom. Why not check out DIY Homefit’s sliding door designer to see the incredible range of colours and finishes available for mirrored sliding wardrobe doors?

Mirror mirror on the wall

If changing wardrobe doors is not on your agenda, consider adding a large mirror to one of your bedroom walls. This will have a similar effect to mirrored sliding wardrobe doors in terms of reflecting light around the room and making it lighter and brighter, just on a smaller scale. This can be particularly effective if you place the mirror on a wall where it will reflect light either from a window, door or pale coloured wall.

Make a statement with a dressing table mirror

Dressing tables can sometimes seem a little outdated, but there are some wonderful contemporary dressing tables around. And one of the things that really makes a dressing table stylish rather than cluttered is a stunning mirror. Replacing the mirror on your dressing table can not only update the furniture itself but can also add depth and light to your bedroom.

And if you don’t have a standalone dressing table you can create the perfect alternative by using open shelving and adding a large stylish mirror. This will be a practical addition to your bedroom and the mirror will definitely earn its keep in terms of transforming your room.

Make the most of gloss

If for any reason none of the above options are going to work for you, another thing to try is to use glossy finishes in your bedroom. This would not have the full reflective impact of mirrors, but could still make a significant difference. Let’s look at two examples:

  • Coloured glass

We referred earlier to DIY Homefit’s sliding door designer. This enables you to specify the size of your doors, decide how you want the panels to be laid out, and what materials you want to use. You can choose from over 50 different glass, mirrored, patterned and board finishes in 10 frame styles and finishes. Coloured glass sliding wardrobe doors – such as the aubergine and fuschia combination shown below – can add a distinctive difference to your bedroom as well as having the benefits of reflecting light around it.

  • Glossy finishes

Another way to add light and reflection to your bedroom is to choose cabinet and wardrobe doors with a glossy finish. The image below shows our Acrylic Ultragloss doors in Acrylic Cream. As you can see, the overall effect is light and bright, and gives a very streamlined and minimalistic look to this bedroom.

We hope that the information in this article helps to give you some pointers about how to bring more light and space into your bedroom by using either mirrored sliding wardrobe doors, mirrors on walls or dressing tables, or wardrobe doors with coloured glass or glossy finishes.

For more inspiration, have a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to help you decide on the look you are trying to achieve.

And for more tips on how to improve your home in 2023, check back here with us soon at DIY Homefit.