Treat your home like a hotel!

Freshen up your bedroom with brand new wardrobe doors

It’s the desperate cry of many a frustrated parent: “You treat this house like a hotel!” Usually with reference to a seemingly ungrateful teenager who expects everything to be done for them. And they don’t even pay!

But maybe it’s time to do just that? Treat your home like a hotel. Not in the sense of leaving everything for “someone else” to do. But why not think about the aspects of hotels – particularly hotel bedrooms – that you love, and try to replicate them in your own home?

Of course, every hotel is different. There are the corporate hotel chains, where sometimes one feels very much indistinguishable from another. Then the famous world-renowned hotels, the quirky boutique hotels, the traditional country house hotels and the super luxury modern hotels – supposedly with more stars than are even on the rating scale.

But are there common factors about hotel bedrooms that you could try to implement at home? Just to give your bedroom that special finishing touch? To treat it like a hotel?

Let’s take a look at five of these . . . . 

The uncluttered bedroom

The key thing about hotel bedrooms is that they are a blank canvas. There is no clutter. Yes, they may have different styles: some more chintzy and some more minimalist. But there is no “stuff”. In that way it’s a bit like playing house. You have the perfect room and it is yours to do what you want with.

If you look around your own bedroom now, chances are that things are very different. Despite our best efforts, the room is likely to look cluttered and messy. Perhaps the furniture doesn’t really fit the style of the room, or there is simply too much of it? Maybe you don’t really have enough bedroom storage for all your clothes and accessories? In which case it’s very easy to get into the habit of just leaving things lying around because it’s too much effort to try and put them away.

So the first step to making your bedroom more like a hotel is to give it a complete declutter. Get rid of any items of furniture, clothing or accessories that you are no longer using. Why let them take up precious space? 

Also look into finding better bedroom storage solutions. Features such as hanging rails, pull out racks and storage racks can help you to maximise every inch of space.

If your bedroom is quite small, why not consider fitting sliding wardrobe doors on your wardrobes? Not only do they free up the floor space in front of the wardrobe, but they are also a really stylish way to conceal clutter and add a distinctive touch to your room.



Coordinated colour scheme

Whatever the style of your favourite hotel bedroom, the colour scheme is a very important part of that. Even the most quirky bedroom will have a colour theme running through it. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be the same colour: it can be effective to have two or three colours that mix and match. But a complete hotchpotch of colours, without any thought behind them, can make a bedroom look messy and unappealing.

So if your bedroom needs a bit of an overhaul, why not choose a new colour theme? Start by repainting the walls and then see if there are other bedroom items and accessories that you need to replace to achieve a more coordinated look. If you want a more dramatic transformation, you may want to consider changing the colour of your wardrobe doors, to add a fresh new look to your bedroom.



Fresh fabrics

Crisp, fresh bedding can transform a room in minutes. No matter how wonderful the rest of the bedroom looks, crumpled bedding will make it look old and tired. The same applies to any other fabrics in the room such as curtains, blinds, cushions and throws. 

When buying bedroom fabrics, think of how practical they are to maintain as well as how they look. Some bedding will need regular ironing to keep it looking its best. If this is something that you know you won’t have time to do, then it would be much better to be realistic and choose fabrics that are easy to wash and don’t need ironing, for example a cotton and polyester blend.

Once you’ve done this, you can style your bed linens and accessories however you like, without worrying about them getting crumpled straightaway!



They do it with mirrors

Have you noticed how a well-designed hotel room usually has at least one large mirror on the wall? This is not just for vanity. Mirrors can make an enormous difference to the look and feel of a room. They can reflect light around the room and make it seem lighter and brighter. They can also make a room feel bigger by creating an illusion of space.

So an easy way to brighten up your bedroom is to use mirrors in this way. As well as wall mirrors, you may want to consider mirrored sliding wardrobe doors which not only help you to create more floor space but also make the room look much larger than it really is.

sd_bevel_mirror (1)


The living is easy

Last but not least, when you are in a hotel, your hotel bedroom becomes your home for the time you are staying there. Not only do you sleep there but it is a place to retreat to throughout the day: a space of your own. Yet at home, we often don’t think of the bedroom as additional living space.

So if your bedroom is large enough, why not start treating it more like a hotel in terms of making it into a more functional living space as well as a bedroom. You may be able to fit a chair or small sofa in, to make it into a reading or TV room, a place where you can take time out to relax. 


So if you would like to treat your home more like a hotel and smarten up your bedroom, why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to see how DIY Homefit can help.

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