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As we all know kitchens are definitely the heart of most homes and probably the busiest when cooking, entertaining and doing children’s homework, which is why DIY Homefit understand that a kitchen needs to be functional and look its best. Bringing a tired kitchen into the 21st century doesn’t have to cost the world either. New made to measure replacement kitchen doors can make a huge difference to a kitchen, meaning you can change your kitchen as often as your taste changes, and let’s face it tastes can change depending on what’s popular at the moment.

With trends constantly changing we thought we would look at some that are currently affecting our decision making.

The first is that grey is the new white! The industry’s leading manufacturers have found that more people are opting for a softer grey rather than a brilliant white that has been used for years. It’s not just grey either, many are choosing high contrast colours like pink and white cabinets to really give a space a modern feel.

Storage is still a massive element when choosing the right kitchen, and to homeowners who are short on space this is even more important.  Many people are opting for a minimalist and modern look, creating clean and tidy spaces.  Clever storage solutions helps with this, which is why DIY Homefit have a large range of storage solutions to maximise your space.

Lastly there seems to be three main themes emerging, the classic country style kitchen with the use of wood, the modern design with clean lines, and the commercial look which makes everyone feel like they are in a chef’s kitchen.

Whatever your prefered trends are, we have everything to make your dream kitchen a reality. The joy of designing a bespoke kitchen is just that! You design it and we make it.

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