What is hiding behind your wardrobe doors?

Transform your bedroom with new wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

As New Year approaches, what will your resolutions be? One that many of us probably have is to improve our homes in some way. In our next article we will take a look at some of the ways that you can do this in 2022. But in this article we want to take a step back and look at the pre-improvement stage.

Take your bedroom for example. Is it looking tired and dated? If so, you may want to plan some improvements over the coming year. But to really make a difference, the best thing is to do a drastic declutter before you make any cosmetic changes. Otherwise the effect could end up being pretty similar to just putting a sticking plaster on a dirty wound.

Without exception, every room looks better when it has been decluttered. And this probably applies more to the bedroom than any other room in the home. If you declutter a room before updating it, there will be more flexibility to do what you would really like to do, rather than letting yourself be limited by your own disorder and chaos.


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The idea of decluttering can be daunting, but by keeping it simple you can achieve rapid success.


Six steps to the decluttered bedroom

Anything can be done more easily if you break it down into small steps. So here are six steps to the decluttered bedroom:

  • Plan your time and stick to it

Plan the times you are going to do this. Decluttering doesn’t just happen. There will always be something more interesting and fun to do! So put some slots in your calendar and stick to them. Once you get started it’s not as bad as you think.

  • Declutter one category or space at a time

Don’t try to do everything all at once. Be focused. So choose either one category (e.g. clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, or mementoes) or space (e.g. wardrobe, cupboard or chest of drawers) for each decluttering session.




  • Be ruthless

It is easy to get distracted when decluttering but be as objective as you can. Try to work on the principle that if an item doesn’t meet at least one of the following criteria, it has to go:

  • You use it regularly.
  • You really love it.
  • It is of significant sentimental value.
  • Create a pending area

It can help you be more ruthless if you transfer all the items you are getting rid of to a “pending” area. Put your bags or boxes to one side – for example a spare room or garage – and leave them there for a couple of weeks. You can then give them a final once over before disposing of them.




  • Dispose of your items mindfully

Wherever possible, try to avoid dumping unwanted items in landfill. Work on the principle of recycling as much as you can, for example selling online, passing on to family and friends, or taking to a charity shop.

  • Reorganise your storage space

Once you know what you are left with you then need to decide where to put those items. It makes sense to ensure you store items as logically as possible so that everything is easy to find, and the items you use most of all are readily accessible.

At this point you also need to think carefully about the kind of storage space you want your bedroom to have. 




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How to streamline your storage space

The minimalist approach is a good aim, but you do still need to have storage space for the items you need. After all, you are not living in a show home but a real one. The good news is that by adding some stylish new wardrobe doors, you can maximise your storage space as well as make your room look stunning.


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At DIY Homefit we supply three ranges of top quality made-to-measure hinged wardrobe doors and also custom built sliding wardrobe doors, all at affordable prices. The bedroom images throughout this article features wardrobe doors from several of these ranges.

Sliding wardrobe doors are definitely worth considering if your bedroom is on the small side. Sliding doors – such as those pictured below – have the advantage of not needing space in front of them to open outwards, so can free up more floor space for other bedroom items.




So, if you are considering a bedroom update in 2022, why not make an early start by decluttering and freeing up the space you will need to make your bedroom beautiful. Then take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures and extensive ranges of wardrobe doors to start planning your brand new bedroom.

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