Why pantries are making a comeback in 2022

Create the perfect pantry with kitchen cabinets from DIY Homefit

If you always seem to be short of storage space in your kitchen, why not consider installing a pantry? Initially it may seem like a rather old-fashioned idea, but a pantry can make a huge difference to your kitchen.

Pantries began to make a comeback during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to lockdown restrictions, more people began to do big shops less often, meaning that they needed more storage space for their provisions. Pantries are an ideal solution.

And because pantries are now very on-trend, installing a pantry could also potentially add value to your home. The kitchen is increasingly the heart of the home, and if it already includes a well-created pantry it could help to influence a sale.

So pantries sound like good news all round! In this article we take a look at:

  • What exactly is a pantry?
  • Different types of pantry.
  • How to create a pantry in your kitchen.

What exactly is a pantry anyway?

A pantry is simply a small room, section of a room or even a cupboard where goods can be stored. The concept of a pantry originated in France, where it was used to store bread (pain) and other non-perishable foods.

But if you have a pantry, of course there are other things that can be stored there too. Spare crockery, pots and pans, and kitchen appliances can all be usefully housed in the pantry. Or you may decide you want it to house your collection of cookery books and recipes. The choice is yours!

What different types of pantry are there?


In the earlier part of the 20th century, many homes in the UK had pantries and also perhaps a larder. Whereas a pantry would store non-perishable food, a larder was a cold room used for the storage of perishable food – such as meat, fish and dairy produce – and fresh vegetables and fruit. The chilling function of a larder has now mostly been replaced by fridges, but the term larder is still used quite often as an alternative word for pantry.

Butler’s pantry

You may also come across the term butler’s pantry. This tends to mean an area that is used more for kitchen preparation activities, and storage of kitchen gadgets and tools rather than food. This can free up space in your main kitchen and make everything look a lot less cluttered.

There is a growing trend to house small kitchen appliances in easily accessible kitchen cabinets. For example an accessible breakfast station where you can not only store your kettle, coffee machines and toaster but also sit and have your breakfast too. This could perhaps be viewed as a new development of the traditional butler’s pantry.

How can you create a pantry in your kitchen?

You may be reading this and thinking how useful it would be to have a pantry but you don’t have the space. But as we have already seen, pantries come in all shapes and sizes, and most kitchens have the scope for some kind of pantry.

Of course the ideal is if you have either a small room either near or off your kitchen, or you may want to consider an understairs cupboard. Another alternative is if you have a large nook in the kitchen that is currently dead space, particularly if your kitchen is an awkward shape. Failing that, dedicating a tall kitchen cabinet to use as a pantry can also really work.

Whichever option works best for your kitchen space, here are some storage features that DIY Homefit can help you with:


Whatever the size of your pantry, include as much shelving as you can. This includes making the most of the available height for taller shelving. Well-designed shelving will enable you to organise your storage more effectively and be able to see clearly what is there.

Pull out storage

Maximise your storage capacity by ensuring that you incorporate pull out shelves, drawers and baskets in any kitchen cabinets that you use. This can enable you to store smaller items in a much more space-efficient way.

Spice rack

Spice racks are a brilliant storage solution for the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. They are also a very flexible type of storage that can accommodate other small jars and packets as well as herbs and spices.

Wine rack

If you enjoy your wine, you need to have somewhere to store it well. Wine racks are the ideal solution. Not only are they economical on space, they also store wine in the best way to preserve its life. If you have the space, you may also want to consider a wine fridge!

So if you are considering installing a pantry in 2022, we hope that this article has given you a few ideas as to how to get started, no matter how much – or little – space you have available.

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