You in Your Small Corner!

When considering the layout for a new fitted bedroom, many of us just consider the main areas of wall space in the room.  But what about those bedrooms that have awkward areas of dead space?   Whether it’s an existing bedroom or perhaps a loft conversion, how can you make the best use of every inch of space?

Well fortunately with DIY Homefit help is at hand!   In this article we take a quick peep at some examples of corner wardrobes and loft wardrobes, featuring some of our customers’ own pictures!  So, whether you are trying to use dead space by fitting a corner wardrobe into an existing bedroom, or whether you are installing  a loft wardrobe, read on!

We love this elegant fitted wardrobe configuration that includes a corner wardrobe.  Sent by a customer in Camberley, they are from the Oxford Bedroom range in Pippy Oak, and feature a corner wardrobe with a mirrored door.   The inclusion of the corner wardrobe makes it possible for the wardrobe to extend round from one wall to another, providing welcome additional storage space, and the mirrored door reflects additional light around the bedroom as well as being a valuable  asset in itself.

diy homefit blog 1 diy homefit blog 2


diy homefit small corner 1



On the right you can see the image of a sloping wardrobe sent in by a customer in London.   We can do

made to measure wardrobe doors to fit those areas – for example loft wardrobes – where a standard door would not fit.  You can read about our made to measure service here.


Below are two images of eaves storage featuring Roma Doors in High Gloss Plum Prunus.  These were supplied by a customer in Windlesham.  What a stunning way to make use of potentially dead space!  This idea could be used as either understairs storage or for loft wardrobes. Either way they look stylish from the outside but provide a huge amount of storage on the inside.

diy homefit small corner 3   diy homefit small corner 2

So if you have an unusual shaped area and are looking for the perfect wardrobe solution then why not take a browse through the wide range that DIY Homefit has to offer?