Transform your home with DIY Homefit!

It’s not just about bedrooms and kitchens y’know….

As most readers are already aware, at DIY Homefit we offer an impressive range of kitchen cupboard replacement doors and wardrobe solutions. All these stylish products are of the highest quality and will make an immediate positive difference your home. But have you ever thought of using our products in other rooms around your home in addition to your kitchen and bathroom? Here are our Top Five suggestions – along with photos from happy DIY Homefit customers – for other ways in which DIY Homefit products can transform your home this autumn:

Many of our kitchen cabinets could be used effectively in a bathroom. They come in all shapes and sizes: imagine putting some of that dead space to good use and having somewhere to store away all your bathroom products! The image below shows units in Euroline oak installed in a bathroom and we’re sure you agree that they look beautiful as well as being so practical!


Under stairs storage
Whether you have an understairs cupboard or an open area, clutter tends to gravitate in that direction! So why not install some DIY Homefit furniture there to hide it all away! If you have an understairs cupboard then check out our kitchen cupboards or inbuilt bedroom storage solutions to find the best configuration for your needs. If you have an open space then get inspiration from the photos below which show how a wardrobe was tailored to fit a sloping area, providing the storage shown on the left hidden away by stylish Roma Doors in High Gloss Plum Prunus as shown on the right:


Home office
These days many of us work from home. If you have the luxury of a dedicated room in your home to use as an office then DIY Homefit furniture is ideal for kitting that out in a flexible and stylish way. However this is not always possible so you may need to set up shop in a corner of an existing room. We love this ingenious idea from a customer who used our wardrobe doors as a practical way to cordon off part of their dining room as office space whilst also making a strong style statement!


Utility room
None of us would expect the utility room to be one of the more desirable parts of the home! All too often it’s a complete jumble of laundry, coats and boots, pet paraphernalia and a number of items in varying states of disrepair. All of which not only gather dust but seem to generate it as if by magic! So why not keep it organised and dust free by moving it all into a DIY Homefit cupboard? We love the example on the right in Newport Matt Dakkar and covet a utility room that is this minimalist and clean!!


Children’s playroom
Whether your children play in their bedroom, use part of another room such as a living room, dining room or conservatory, or are lucky enough to have their own playroom, one thing is for sure – their stuff will spread everywhere and gradually begin to take over! DIY Homefit has the answer! Why not have a look through our kitchen cupboards and wardrobe solutions to find the perfect way of storing all your children’s toys? We would love to feature a children’s playroom in a future blog so do send us lots of photographs when you have finished!

As we have seen, DIY Homefit is not about just kitchen doors but our products can be used creatively and effectively in every room in the home. As the long dark evenings are now upon us, why not spend some time planning your home refurbishment so that you can hit the ground running in 2017!