Do You Have Your Made To Measure Bedroom For Valentines Day?

As many of us we will undoubtedly be aware, Valentine’s Day is edging ever closer! The other half has been nagging since Christmas about redecorating the bedroom, or rejuvenating the kitchen! Now would be a great time to do so and earn some much needed ‘brownie points’!

Here at DIYHomefit, we can provide your dream made to measure bedroom to match any mood. We have over 35 different finishes in doors with carcasses to match, ranging from strong grained effects right up to the more ‘Farrow & Ball’ styles. You also have the ability to completely customize any unit, to any height, width or depth. Remember that alcove which you thought would be wasted .. Well let us make you a chest or dresser to fit in there!

Alternatively, why not try something a bit different? Maybe a High Gloss Black or mix traditional with new and select our Acrylic Noce Marino, with a fantastic mirror like appearance!

Remember, we sell made to measure furniture which includes mixing colours. Have a look through some of our pictures where customers have had a carcass in one finish, and the doors and surrounding materials in another. It can really emphasise the contrast and diversity in our selection.






And to those who have forgotten… It’s February 14th!