Five ways to get your bedroom ready for summer

Refresh your bedroom this summer with made to measure wardrobe doors

Summer is here and we just want to throw open the windows and let the light and warmth come streaming in. But sometimes doing just that makes us realise that our home needs a few tweaks to make it lighter and brighter and truly summery. And this can especially be the case in our bedroom.

So in this article we take a quick look at five ways to get your bedroom ready for summer.

Make space for summer

If your bedroom is crowded and cluttered, it can cast a huge shadow over the summery feeling you are trying to create. So get started on getting your bedroom ready for summer by making space. Our recent article What is hiding behind your wardrobe doors? contains some really useful tips about how to declutter your bedroom effectively so that you end up with only the things you really want and need.

You may find that it’s time to replace some of your bedroom furniture too. If you have dark, heavy furniture that has seen better days, then replacing it with brighter and more minimalist furniture could be a huge step forward. But if that’s too expensive to do right now, a compromise would be to install replacement made to measure wardrobe doors which can transform the look and feel of your bedroom at a fraction of the cost of new wardrobes.

Let there be light

The next thing to do is to make sure that you get as much light into your bedroom as possible. There are three ways that you can make this happen:

  • Clean your windows

This may sound obvious, but clean windows can make a huge difference to the amount of light that can get into your room. Who hasn’t been embarrassed when the spring sunshine arrives and shows up every speck of dust on your windows?! But once they are clean, not only does the light shine through but the sparkling glass helps to augment that light even further.

  • Do it with mirrors

It’s very easy to use mirrors effectively to reflect light around your bedroom. This can make your bedroom look so much bigger and brighter, and it will feel much more summery as a result.

  • Change your curtains

If you have thick heavy curtains that are ideal for winter, now is the time to consider changing them for summer. Fresh cotton or linen curtains ripping in the breeze can transform your bedroom into a summer haven.

Use summer bed linen

As well as changing your curtains, using different bed linen for summer can also make a big difference. Use natural fabrics such as cotton, which is not only lighter but allows cool air to pass through, allowing your skin to breathe and making you feel cool and comfortable in the heat.

It’s also a good idea to remove any extra bedding accessories such as cushions, blankets and throws as these can trap the heat and make you feel too hot.

Colour me summer

We’ve already discussed lighter weight curtains and bedding, but the colour of these is also important. As a general rule, the lighter the better. So think whites, creams, and pastel colours. Many people love to switch to a coastal theme during summer which really helps to convey a sense of holiday season.

Summer is also a good time to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint. The lighter evenings give you more time to do this, and the warmth should help it to dry more quickly than at other times of year.

Bring the outdoors in

A key interior design trend at the moment is to bring the outside in. Whether or not you have outdoor space, think of the inside of your home as a pathway to the outdoors, and bring in some green. It will help your home to feel calm and uplifting, and also represents summer.

One way to do this is through bringing flowers and plants into your home. But also consider decorative aspects such as floral or botanical wallpaper, feature walls, artwork or bed linen designs.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas as to how to get your bedroom ready for summer. For more images and ideas, why not take a look through our gallery of fabulous bedroom pictures to help you get started.

Good luck with your summer bedroom! Remember to check back here soon for more hints and tips from DIY Homefit.