Bedroom Wardrobes – Fitted or Freestanding?

At DIY Homefit we are often asked a version of the same question. What are the advantages of fitted bedroom wardrobes over freestanding ones? The question was raised again this week by a customer who is moving into a new home with no existing bedroom storage. She had been thinking about buying freestanding wardrobes but also wanted to chat through with us the viability of DIY furniture.

There are so many advantages of DIY furniture that we could list here but we’ll try to be succinct and limit it to 5!

  1. By fitting DIY furniture you are in effect creating a completely new bedroom! You are not just placing one item of furniture in amongst someone else’s design, you are undertaking a complete bedroom makeover. It is up to you where you put the wardrobes and what else you then put in the room.

  1. DIY furniture saves you space! A wardrobe needs to be a decent size in order to be functional, and a freestanding one would therefore take up a lot of space in your new bedroom. Not just the space needed for the wardrobe itself but you also need to bear in mind the space needed in front of it to open the door(s) and also potentially dead space either side. Fitted wardrobe doors can be either hinged or sliding, giving you choice and control over these issues.

  1. DIY furniture enables you to have a bespoke bedroom. Our wardrobe doors and carcasses come in a wide range of sizes and can also be made to measure to fit your bedroom if needed.  This means that however limited or awkward your space is, we are likely to be able to create bespoke furniture for you!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 15.49.11.png

  1. DIY furniture gives you ultimate choice over styles and finish. The customer we mentioned earlier was set on something informally chic and was delighted when we showed her the Shaker example pictured right. We have such a wide range of finishes and colours for our wardrobe doors that there really is something to please everyone!

  1. Last but not least is the price! DIY furniture is great value when compared to a freestanding wardrobe. Not only does the initial price compare well, but remember that once the wardrobe carcass is there you can then select replacement wardrobe doors of any style and colour at any time in the future. DIY furniture is a completely flexible storage solution that you can amend and adapt as often as you want to.

If you are considering a bedroom makeover and want to find out more about our impressive range of DIY furniture or replacement wardrobe doors why not browse through our website today? We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and feel free to ask us any question you want . . . yes even that one!!